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Hello there. When this contest now began, does somebody want my Tirinar graphics set? They are a band of small red humanoids. There are about 7-9 of them. They're in gif or bmp. First who wants them can get them. Just give me ur email and that's it.



(Just wanted to get them to somewhere because I spent some time for them wink .)

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Originally written by Marvin, the paranoid android:
Now I think of it, would you be interested in seeing my best self-made graphics? They are creature graphics for BoA. Just hive me your email adres, the format you want it in and a promise to not use it without asking me or putting my name in the acknowledgemens.
I wouldn't mind having a look if thats ok. Also Zealot, if your still offering I wouldn't mind viewing yours either.


Thanks to whoever actually lets me view their graphics.
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That wil still be in a long time from now, I'm afraid. It will ceratinlt take an other three months, because of school starting now. In eight weeks or so I've vacation and I might have time to do something about it, but as I still need to make about a quarter of the scenario scripts and still design some towns and complete the existing town with special nodes, I think you can count about four to five months untill it will really be ready - for testing. Becasue then there will also be a period of testing the scenario. So you can say it will take a looong time until its really finished, but I'm getting there, slowly by slowly. I'm thinking everything through, looking if it makes sense, and I'm trying to be a bit original. But that's hard.


I hope this answeres your question. Now you can also make an estimate of when you could use the graphics: in about eight months (or longer).


I'm glad, though, to see that somebody is interested in this laugh

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