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The dilemma...BoE/BoA


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I'm a newcomer on this discussion board. First, I want to advertise my first BoE scenario, The Dolly Mission, with the other Untried and Untested Ones...(http://www.spidweb.com/blades/scen_stuff/untried.html)

and invite everyone to try it. It is a curious blend of humor and modern science and I had much fun writing it.


Second, considering the relative sizes of the BoE and the BoA communities (just looking at those numbers!!!), I wonder: should I switch to BoA for writing another scenario or stick to BoE? I'm sure this topic has been addressed before, but I'm too lazy to search...


Personally, I don't know whether BoA is for me... Maybe it's just a conservative attitude, but I am not much inclined to BoA, graphically. The dynamic or 'more realistic' visual objects and effects added to the Avernum games don't appeal to me. The perhaps simplistic design of BoE forces the scenario designer to work more on the plot and the non-visual elements of a scenario.


And frankly, the dialog interface of Avernum games is quite primitive and fastidious to go through....


Any thoughts? Any prophecy?


Rate my scenario just added today! The Dolly Mission Blades of Exile Scenarios: Untried and Untested

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There are certain aspects of BoE that have been improved for BoA that may have you kicking yourself if you stick with BoE. However, if you like the Exile appearance and spell set better, much can be done with BoE and you can definitely make scenarios for it and people will play them. BoA has far more powerful a scripting system, which makes it somewhat harder to learn.


Either way, really.

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It depends on the situation, really. I would recommend you start of with learning how to use the BoE editor before moving to the more powerful but more confusing BoA one. Also, it generally takes less time to complete a BoE scenario than a BoA one. And less intelligence and computer know-how. I personally use BoE because it's simpler, there's more scenarios, and it actually works on my computer. Since you have already completed a scenario, now would be a good time to get BoA if you're interested, but the choice is still entirely up to you. That's about all I have to say.


Except for extending my welcome to the boards. Have fun! And if you want to get a few more hi's, flames, and/or off-topic material, you could start a topic in general (though be prepared for anything).


EDIT: STOP. NOOOOOOO! Ignore the last sentence in the second paragraph before it's too late!



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Thanks everybody for the warm welcome. Nice group of well informed, friendly and smart people. I'm glad to belong to this small but devoted community. Yes, playing BoE has something special, does'nt it? Otherwise, how to explain the number of high-quality and original scenarios created by that community? Still alive and well thriving after all that time!


As for BoA, time will tell. I played Avernum I and II, and didn't even bother to play Avernum III after a few missions. Just too much of the same... And I don't like the dialog interface at all. And .... I get very frusrated with the way people have to move in diagonal, climb stairs in an orderly manner, watch for leaping off the edge of platforms, etc. Just not my cup of tea! BoE may be simplistic, but for an average programer with plenty of imagination, it's just what I need!


I will post my scenario (The Dolly Mission) on Alexandria so that any revision I make to the beta version now posted in the Spiderweb Scenario Table is available to dedicated testers...


Please don't hesiate to send me any comments/questions/suggestions. I'm curious to know how experts apprecriate my first effort!

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Hmmm... Wait until the end of the scenario. Granted, there is a lot of fighting in it, but there are also several other elements in it that are worth discovering. There is more than just brute force. I hope you will have the patience to go through it, and I value your opinion.


Another designer, another style... Awaiting for a first complete review.

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