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SpiderWeb Software's awesome game lore!


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I thought it was really cool when some people released all the game books from skyrim in a pdf format that you could browse at will. There is also a site dedicated to the lore of elder scrolls(the imperial library.)


Which leads me to wonder if it would be possible to somehow do the same with SpiderWeb Software titles(I'm particularly interested in the lore of Geneforge!)


I haven't had any luck finding anything on the web and have no idea how you would go about extracting all the history and world info from the game.



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For the Avernum/Exile series, there is the convenient community-run compendium of knowledge known as the Encyclopedia Ermariana.


For Avadon, the full texts of the Codex can be found here.


For Geneforge, unfortunately, there's no really good central place. There have been a few attempts to create a wiki, such as here and here, but none of them really got too far off the ground.


For any of the games, though, the fora are always a good place to ask and learn more. We don't bite; that's the job of the fluffy turtles.

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I sadly regret that I cannot help more in this regard, I have worked hard trying to maintain the wiki page up and I my site is indeed an extensive fanfic, with non canon elements. I however specialize in developing ideas from G1 and G2 from which I have amassed a decent amount of knowledge... so if you want to know more... I'll be glad to help as all of us I am sure.

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