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G4: how close to the middle do I need to keep my reputation?

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To keep your options open with with sides as long as possible:


The really short answer is that is in Ilya Province, you must either help or kill Moseh, and then you must make sure to get permission from both sides before you move on to Fens of Aziraph. In the Fens, you must deliver Monarch's notes to either the Rebels or the Shapers. If you do one these two tasks for each side, you'll be able to access both sides going forward.


Hopefully that makes sense. You can find out all the details of what reputation affects by going here.

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If you help the shapers alot you won't miss much on the rebel side, the kill the infiltrators quest and possibly 2 areas going hostile. You will never be shut out because the rebels are desperate, even if you turn the caravan in, repair Moseh and give Monarchs papers to the shapers, Greta will reluctantly let you get on.


Otoh, if you don't help the shapers at least some they will cut you off leading to you losing tons of stuff, not to mention their ending.

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