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A:EftP - Fiendly spidder cave

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Thread Necromancy! I found the Spider Lord. North - Northwest of Fort Dranlon (North of the Swamp City) there's a hidden Aranea cave, requires you to walk into the mountain from the south. Cave is a big circle with a 7th optional Crystal for the crystal cave. There's hidden doors leading into the center where there's a temple (no demons or haakai) with the Spider Lord in the middle. There's a "Necklace of Lords" (regeneration) and a "Spider Statue" (sells for 2500) on two altars.

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On 6/27/2016 at 11:29 PM, Jerakeen said:

Yup, it sure is!


Given that nobody was even sure who the OP was looking for - three years ago - I'm not sure how helpful this is to anyone today.



It's still helping people in 2023.

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