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Doom Moon II


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Hey, I'm stuck in the Tomb of (the dead guy) Sac-something. Anyhow, I can't find the ritual, I read a walkthrough, that said I must go to Latrop, but that could be a problem b/c I can't find Latrop. Any help would be nice. Then, I decided to go to the slith castle, I can't open those doors, the portcullis things. HINTS please, if at all possible for the slith castle. cool

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You'll get the ritual for the Tomb of San-Racku only after defeating the three plag... er, menaces.

As for the Slith Castle, what portculli are you facing now) Did you enter the castle via Section 4 (S4), using a Slith Key? Also, the walkthrough uses the town names, are you sure you're at the 'Castle' and not the 'Fortress'?.

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