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Starting Geneforge 2 Torment Style


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Hello fellow Geneforge Fans (and the anonymous Avernum fans too :cool: ).,


I'm going to do my Second play through of Geneforge 2 on torment!. Now the last time I played Geneforge 2, I only cleared the zones that were necessary to only beat the game. Basically i was just too eager to finish the darn game. That last play through I allied myself with Zakary and went total shaper style (What can i say, the Shapers are awesome :p ). With that said I'm not too familar with 'everything' in the game.


However, this play through I plan on exploring everything in the entire game and clear every single zone to the best of my ability. Last playthrough I played as a Shaper primary Shaping Circle Magic Shaping. So this time around I'm going with my all-time favorite the Guardian. (the best things should always come later, not first imo.)


I want my Guardian to be primarily a missile weapon user, and have him be teamed up with powerful army of Vlish (Hopefully at least 5). I might also but a clawbug or two in the party as well for some tanks. Yes the Guardian could be a tank, but why should do a job when there is the option of someone else doing it for you :lol: .


So this is my plan. I'll update you guys on my progress and if I have any questions I'll make sure to ask.


Wish me Luck!



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Guys I'm a bit late to start, had some other crap going on. But this time it is for real. Now so far I've made it past the tutorial section, and I'm at the Warren where Zakary is it. Hardly even 5% into the demo :( .


Anyway, here are my stats so far: Level 3 guardian


Strength 3, Dex, 2 Int 2, and End 4


Melee 3 Missle 4 Quick Action 4 Parry 7


Have not spent any into magic (obvious). and none into shaping yet. I want Vlish so I will aim at Magic Shaping 10 if possible.


And I have 7 Mechanics and 4 LeaderShip.


Yeah so I'm only a level 3 Guardian, and I'll update you guys on my stats when I'm done with the Demo area. Sorry it took so long to get this game started. But know that all my real life issues are dealt with I'll be all into this run through. Note my reason for doing this is to give new players an example when they want to try this game out. There isn't a lot of information on G2. I'm sure there is enough to help out, but you can never go wrong with more. So wish me luck :/


Good luck, I ran a no canister missile guardian and found it was hard at the start, but it got easier later on once I could do decent damage.


I'll be using every canister I come across :p . I have not ever seen the altered ending my last playthrough.



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Just to give an update on where I'm at. I finished the woods full of rogues and cleared all the drypeak mines. I will be heading into the cave where the mean drake is at next. I believe I have enough leadership to get the flawless cyrstal I need. As for magic shaping, I changed my mind. I forgot that the vlish were the powerhouse of G3 not G2. I'll do battle shaping instead.


Almost finished with the demo guys! See you on the other side of Freegate :-)

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Whenever I see this thread, with "Torment Style" in the title, it makes me think of the "gungum (sp?) style" song, except the guy is singing "torment style" instead.

Dunno why, but that made me imagine a Rottie doing the Gangnam style, I'm almost tempted to make a poll about which creation is the best Dancer.

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I'm finally done with the Demo. Great! :D Now that i am across Freegate, I'll update you on my stats and give a breif summary of what i did in the demo part of the game. My stats are as follows:


Guardian level 12


Strenght - 3

Dexterity - 2

Intelligence - 1 (1 point loss from Thahd skin tunic)

Endurance - 4


Melee Wep - 5 (2 pts from Thahd skin tunic)

Missle Wep - 9

Quick Act. - 5

Parry- 7


No Magic Skills


Fire Shaping - 1

Battle Shaping - 1

Magic Shaping - 0

Healing Craft - 2


Leadership - 8

Mechanics - 12

Luck - 1 (from Lucky Charm found in Drypeak mines).


And Abilities:


Create Fyora - 2

Create Artilia - 2

Firebolt - 1

Daze - 3

War Blessing - 3

Protectiion - 2

Minor Heal - 3

Cure Effects - 3

Essence Sheild - 1


Okay, so as you can, i spent most of my skill points raising only Leadership and Mechanics. I did this mainly so I won't have to worry about them any more. I figure I'll get an extra point in Missle weapons, pump Dexterity more, then aim for my goal of Magic Shaping 10 (yeah, i'm switching back; there will be no battle shaping). I also managed to get a Thahd skin tunic from one of thahds running around in the Crags. I punked Wyx out of his Pure Cyrstal, cleared the Drypeak Mines, turned in the Escaped Servile and Sencia (maybe not too late to change my ways :crazy: ), and killed a crap load of rogues (okay, a little to over dramatic :tired: )! As for the Saltmarsh, well let's just say things were a little...difficult. Because this was on torment I had to really watch myself. So instead of fighting I took the stealth/dimplocy route instead. I walked along the eastern most side of the map and headed north, the headed west into the camp where bretta was. I convinced her to leave and so there was no fight. I will probably fight the remainlng rogues once I have more parry.


I also managed to go through a lot of missle weapons while clearing all these areas. I'm down to near 5 steel javelins and have absolutely no cyrstal left, and there were very few venom thorns in the demo area (sorry, but I'm too good for the "regular" thorn baton). Fortunately there will be plenty of thorns for me later. And javelins will eventually be of no use to me before to long as there will be better weapons.


Now only one can wait to see what happens next :) . I will further update you Geneforge fans once I've done some dirty work for the serviles in Medab. Well, until next time guys.



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