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G3 Teacup


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Hi all!


I've been playing through the geneforge saga, and have run into an annoying problem in geneforge 3. I can't find a teacup for Gob. The walkthrough says there is one in the inn in Ft. Wilton, but I must have moved/sold it. I would be delighted and surprised if anyone happens to know where I could find another.

sanity already left at door, is there an opportunity to pick it up again later?

Edit: Bah! It double-posted on me! Is there some way to delete the other topic?

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There are plenty of tea cups in the game with the one mentioned being the nearest. I think that one is in the storage room behind (west) the main room. You might be able to find others in any other inn on a previous island.


I don't think it was worth anything to sell.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. The fluffy turtles will attack otherwise. :)

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