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New Windows 3D Editor

Ishad Nha

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  • 3 months later...

ok, time to do a bit more on this



  • place monsters/items from tiles window like floors/terrain (port)
  • resize town / delete current town (port)
  • resizable tiles window/pick tile size (kind-of-port). increase/decrease tile size with ctrl + and ctrl -


  • bring tool handling in line with mac version (port) (planned version: Eccentric Eyebeast)
  • reshuffle tools so like in mac version (port) (planned version : F)
  • fix editor crash if try to reopen town after resizing it and not saving resize (this also happens on mac side) (planned version: Eccentric Eyebeast)
  • try to make windows/mac code more similar
  • clean up resizable tiles window a little (planned version: Eccentric Eyebeast)
  • make editor save tile zoom level and window location (planned version: Eccentric Eyebeast)

plan to release Dapper Doomguard when i've done icon for it

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ok here's Dapper Doomguard, it has the things I said I'd done above and also tooltips for floors/terrains/creatures/items.


here's a not too great screenshot of it


probably best to be careful with the town resizing and 'delete current town' to start with, they seem fine but i might have made a mistake somewhere.


please let me know if it works/if you want any particular stuff done


Eccentric Eyebeast will be mainly a fixes release, F will likely do the tool interface changes and G might be a release that also gets a proper version number (1.2 maybe so some as mac version?)

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  • 3 weeks later...

ok, Eccentric Eyebeast is taking a little longer than expected, but on the plus side when it's done the windows editor will be substantially closer to the mac editor. It might well have the odd bug where I've forgotten to copy something over though, so it will probably need a bit of testing once it's out.


Currently I'm copy/pasting object selection code over, so that should be a fair bit better.


Depending on how buggy Eccentric Eyebeast ends up being, Flirtatious Firelizard could just be a minor fixes release then G the proper tools palette.

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  • 2 weeks later...

....and now Eccentric Eyebeast


  • proper slider for tiles window - still needs background fixed
  • selection tool improvements: now highlights things in magenta; can properly select signs & waypoints now too
  • behind the scenes work and misc fixes


Download HERE.


Stuff's probably broken, tell me and I'll fix it.


I'm hoping in a couple of versions time it will be at mac v1.2 level.

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Porting with Eccentric Eyebeast, Valley of the Dying Things went okay but Of Good and Evil crashed after a few towns. With the original 3D Editor by Isaac, porting always failed and caused a crash to desktop. Niemand figured out it was a problem with the strings in the scripts being ported: topic "New Windows 3D Editor", page 2.

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Only in Spiderweb's 2D editor, I believe. Of course, I can only talk about the Windows side; perhaps Niemand fixed it on the Mac side.


My gut reaction is to leave it - there is a way to port a scenario if people want to do so, and considering the fact that only a handful of people have ever expressed an interest in doing so, I'd say it isn't even low priority.

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  • 2 months later...

(I have altered the single-window 3D Editor for Windows so that it can take all the important data for for BoA objects (floor, terrain, creature and item types) and print it out to a text file.)

If the Editor can print out data arrays for BoA objects then it can display them in a dialog screen. This would give the 3D Editor some of the IDE feel of the BoE Editor.


It could write data from the dialog screen to the scenario data script. This would produce a longer record for each object than if written manually by the scenario designer. I know that there is a very definite limit to the length of the scenario script, I don't know if the same holds true for the scenario data script.

If there is a definite and troublesome limit to the data script something needs to be done to condense the records written by the 3D Editor:

One approach is to have the default values for an object variable not written to the data file. Default values are listed in Part 1 of the official Spiderweb Editor documentation. Trouble is that at least some of the time the default values might actually be needed.

Another approach is to have the designer go through the records and condense them manually.

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