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Where be dragon?

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I can't find him. He sucks. I went to his lair, called Main Entrance on my automap, and he appeared (invisibly!) to say something like, "Ah humans, you are so lame, find my lair and perhaps I will talk to you". Is this not your lair? Okay. All the signs saying KEEP OUT LAIR OF REPTRAKOS sort of misled me I guess.


Now I can't do nothin'. The area contains one corpse and a high ledge, apparently leading to the rest of the lair, which I can't reach. Searched all over! No dragon! Hate him. SO MUCH.


Walkthrough says "REPTRAKOS' LAIR (6) When you enter, Reptrakos won't seem so happy. Search around, and get Gobo to join you". Who or what is Gobo? Am I in the wrong place? I must be in the wrong place. But it's the only place! Gragh.


Help me find dragon?

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Originally written by Randomizer:
No true gamer hasn't head banged into walls at least a thousand time. There will be plenty more before you are done.
Oh, such wisdom you speak! frown

I finally found his stupid lair. He looks like a teapot. Thank yous to all my new internet dragon-thread buddies. Now I am uncursed!

Did that curse actually do anything at all, besides make certain hoomans snub you?

Oh, um, to save making a new topic... can someone also tell me where to train in Woodcraft? I don't have much so I can't do a bunch of things. I fail at being a crazy pagan.
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Originally written by Tyranicus:
It makes you slightly less powerful as well. It is possible to complete the game without removing the curse, but it's pretty hard.
Huh. I don't think I even noticed any difference after I got it removed. Maybe I got some nifty equipment around that time or something and just attributed monsters' sudden killability to that.

The Celtic afterlife really seems like it kinda sucks. Do all the same **** you did in life, except you have no spiritual incentive and you can never go out, ever. For a race that was completely bat**** insane and into heavy drug use, they really don't seem to have had a lot of imagination. Even the Wicker Man, which at first seems kind of awesome, basically just boils down to "Put some dudes into a thing shaped like a dude so that it makes, like, one big dude".

edit- This forum has swear filters. My elegant prose is RUINED by PHILISTINES.

Edit: Swearing about the autocensor is also not a good Idea. Please refrain from using profanity in the future.
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