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Mac Editor v1.2


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Well, I think that I only started doing them for windows to make it a bit more interesting porting the mac stuff across. I suppose that if/when I get the windows version fully up to date with the mac version, further mac and windows releases will have alliterative names and proper version numbers. Hopefully 'G' on windows will also be v1.3 or v1.2.1.


Any mac editor requests? Does anybody do any BoA stuff nowadays? :p

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Not yet, I can do a beta release this evening though (it will also include Niemand's rewrite of the undo system which wasn't in v1.2)

If you actually release something before, let's say, December 21 (when my last final is due), I will release a scenario using it over Winter Break.


Not promising that it will be created from scratch, but a scenario that used it at some point in the process anyway.

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ok, here it is


Changes since v1.2 (I only did the tiles stuff)

  • Make the creature and item menus work properly again.
  • Un-mix-up the frame and fill rectangle tools.
  • A complete rewrite of the undo system, allowing many more actions to be undone.
  • Now can resize tiles window and change tiles size

It's not fully tested so I can't promise there won't be any problems. It's not available through the autoupdater, but it should be able to autoupdate to any future releases fine.


At the minute you can't make the tiles window too small because otherwise the tile zoom slider and the mode buttons would overlap, and I haven't sorted that out yet. The editor doesn't save the tile zoom level from last time either at the minute. The maximise button on the tiles window makes it return to standard width.


edit: looks like making the slider draw nicely onto the tiles window (without the white square) is going to be fun...

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