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Scenario Design Tutorial -- Unfinished

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Hey everyone.


This is one of my projects that have been sitting on my hard drive collecting dust for a looong while. It's unfinished, and I don't feel very motivated about working on it right now. That said, there is an upcoming BoA scenario contest, so I thought I'd post the unfinished work here now, and maybe the feedback will shame me into finishing it.




It's a tutorial that walks you through the process of creating a simple scenario; think Settlers, but with screenshots and more detailed instructions. And less DXM. It also deals with some Windows-specific issues that keep popping up.


The writing is quite chatty and laid back at the moment. Personally, I don't like too much of that in technical manuals, but on the other hand the target audience of this tutorial is people who aren't going to read the BoA docs.


I'd welcome any comments and criticisms. Is this worth finishing (yes, I know, Blades is dead...)? Are there any sections you'd like to see? Something I'm not covering in enough detail? The unfinished sections deal with basic scripting, dialogue, quests, shops, town entry, outdoor fights, custom graphics, custom monsters, cutscenes (in roughly that order).

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Colour me ashamed. :-p


It's not a case of me forgetting the project; it's on the backburner, but there always seems to be something else with higher priority that needs doing in the evenings. But yeah, unless I budget time for this project, it will never get done. Baby steps to completion.

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