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I played the game on Normal and Hard, now playing first quests on Torment (Dhorla Woods). It's not that harder than I hoped, one thing I don't like is that foes are harder but there's no more of them than before.

This apart, there's still a lot of items (bit less than other levels but too many to me) otherwise a significant lack of shoes for Nathalie... blessed sandals you take them till the end of the game and I feel this is poor comparing to other characters footwear.

Still I enjoy Torment level because I play for the first time on the rebels side and answer in the worst possible way to any question :-)

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Ok, thanks. There's one more thing: which role plays Heart Jarvina in game. She is the one you meet only once in Avadon's library (upper library I think)and seems to me the only character being not involved in any further action or saying something useful. I ask because eventually I missed something about her, a quest or else.

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I started on Torment but I got up to a point (Neray) and just turned it down to hard and I got through it. I did skip some quests I got earlier that were just impossible, but I felt like this was an appropriate time to do it.


I just don't see how that fight is possible on torment, but maybe my party was just badly optimized.

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