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Originally written by shadow, the:
AH. The Orb of Thralni.

Basically, after talking to Anixamander and the bloke who guarded it etc, you need to go to Portal Fortress (after stocking up for a dangerous fight). Once there, talk to the lady in charge of the Portal. You'll know what to say. Then step through the portal. You will appear in an enemy receiving base. After killing lots of enemies there, move out of the town. Then you will be in another cave place in Avernum.

Walk around. There will be occasional ambushes. You will find a town next to the water. Go to it, and steal one of the boats there. After that, sail around on the water, and then enter the enemy island base. That is where the orb is kept, as well as several other special items.

Be Prepared for several large fights.

Hope that helps!

- Archmagi Micael
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