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E1: items information


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The Runed Halberd, with its 19+4 points of damage, may be the most damaging weapon in all of Exile. You can find it in the outdoors, on an island north of the Tower of Patrick. Other weapons have higher bonuses, like the Ravage Knife, which does 4+10 damage.

I have an Excel database with the stats of most (if not every) items in Exile. And monsters, and shops ... smile If you have any use for it, just tell me.

There are five sages in Exile, though I can't remember their identification prizes (I didn't list them as shops). They are: Walner (Fort Duvno), Brantford (Tower of the Magi), Julio (Almaria), Leith (Blosk) and Cynthia (Bargha).

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