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HLPM and Sanctification

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So, I just realized that the abilities rune in the High Level Party Maker does not let you add the Ritual of Sanctification ability (number 22). Is there a reason for this, or was it just an oversight?


EDIT: I may have discovered the reason for this... is it removed when you exit?

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The only reason I can imagine, besides it being a bug, is that Kelandon thought the Ritual was likely to be plot significant in scenarios, and so he didn't want to cause problems by setting loose parties who could have it on entering such a scenario. Having proposed this argument, I'm not sure I'm all that convinced by it, though.

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The Sanctification ability being removed when you exit any scenario, this is presumably so hard-coded that there is no work around. Thus there is no point to adding it to a PC in the HLPM only to have it removed when you exit that scenario.

It can't be added via the Character Editor either.

But it can be added to a town script or whatever, that would be the way to go.

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