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I wouldn't want to write a spoiler




very generally. . .


he will anonymously help you when you're in the Quarantine to exit into a volcano(very helpful!). . . then you will travel into the mountains up north-east to enter the Vahnati lands . . . at the northeast corner of that land you will finally meet him, and get a clue regarding how to ruin the tower of Rentar-Ihrno. Sadly, if you rest in his room you will see him butchered by the Vahnati soldiers and your last encounter with him will be at the tower of Rentar-Ihrno who holds out Bon-Ihrno's blood-dripping head.


At first, I went into Rentar's tower without meeting Bon-Ihrno, but same thing happened, an encounter with his chopped head. But when I fled from the tower - for tactical reasons of course - I found him alive in his hut (Ahoy!!). . .well. . . however I warn him of the danger, he manages to be killed again.

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