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Not again...

Zephyr Tempest

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I installed desktop themes on my computer, but it caused a lot of problems. So today I got rid of it, but the problems still exsist:


1. The My Computer, Network Neighborhood, and Recycle bin icons are still downgraded

2. The IE link problem is back...NOOOOO!!!!

3. The files: Minesweeper, Solitaire, Calculator, Paint Box, and Hearts are still missing.

4. The scroll bars are unusually thin...


Simply downloading an upgrade for my computer would fix all of this, but...my computer refuses to download upgrades.



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5. Certain programs on my computer, like "Desktop.exe" no longer have sound.


I don't know where I got the Desktop Themes thing for the control panel, I just installed it, that's all I know.


And the programs that I lost where already there when my computer was first turned on.

I remember that moment, my computer actually was honest, and worked hard. Unlike now...

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Zephyr, programs come with their own files, but they also share files with each other. When you delete instead of deinstall, you delete shared files as well, files that are needed and used by other applications. And that is probably why you meet problems now.

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Plus!.exe is an important file.


NEVER delete exe's unless they're installers or self-extractors.


do NOT delete uninstall exe's under ANY circumstance.


themes are a waste to hard drive space and will only make your computer worse.


your only viable solution now is to tell your parents to format your hard drive. frown

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Format...as in defragment?


Last time that happened, it made my computer worse!

I wouldn't like to take another risk of making my computer even worse, if it's actually possible to maek it worse.


And when I searched the add/remove programs list, Desktop Themes was not listed, so there wasn't any other way to get rid of the Desktop Themes, and every few days a new problem arised when Desktop Themes was installed, and every time it was a worse problem than before...


And there was no uninstallation program for Desktop Themes...

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You don't add/remove plus, which is why it wasn't there. The second tab across the top in add/remove programs is 'windows setup'. Since plus integrates into windows, you need to use windows setup to uninstall the desktop themes.


A reformat is much more serious than a defragment. It's the option of last resort after everything else has been tried, as it deletes everything on your hard drive and you have to reinstall everything. It sounds like you've seriously messed up your windows setup, and reformat is probably the only option left to you. Back up any important documents or saved games on floppy/CD disc before you try it.


EDIT: I very strongly suggest that you don't use the format command yourself. Get your parents to do it - format is not a command to be used unless you are sure you know how to install windows on a blank HD.

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Originally written by Zephyr Tempest, the Wielder of Ice:
Well, I heard my dad say it'd be a good idea to wipe off everything on my computer and start over...

Hopefully if that happens, my computer won't be so horrible...
that's what i meant - 'format' means to remove all data from your hard drive. your parents should do this for you though, cuz you'll make your computer useless if you don't know exactly what you're doing.
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With a bit of luck you will not need a complete reformating. Overinstalling Windows might do the trick and get the missing files back.


As a suggestion: next time when you feel unsure what to do with a program you want to be rid of, ask for help on the 'CoA' board before you delete it.

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