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Animated advertisement

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I'm creating an animated GIF to advertise BoE. I finished all 11 frames, but I still need to stitch them together. Here's the frames:














If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, post them here.


Incidentally, I noticed that the large Vahnatai crystal from E2 is very pale on the light version of its terrain sheet. I believe that E1 and E2 had the same brightness graphics on both Windows and Mac, so those graphics don't actually have to be lightened for Windows. If you put that crystal on the green floor, it looks strange because the floor tiles are so pale compared to those around them.

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How's this?

I'm not entirely sure I'm happy with the frame timings (some of your frames are really text heavy), but it's already over 12 seconds long as it is.


Also: Hooray for GifBuilder! It's UI may be terrible, but it gets the job done pretty well. Also, Quicksilver, for getting me out of the ugly spot of 'Oh, crud, those frames are bmps, not gifs', with a single command.

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The entire animation doesn't have to be 256 colors. Each individual frame can have its own pallet, you know.


Also, it's way too fast. I think it's okay if the animation is slow and long. I intended this ad for inclusion in my sig at FSM Discussion, so people will have time to see it.


Thanks for trying though! I'll see if I can make it better.


EDIT: How's this?


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