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Author: Terror's Martyr

Difficulty: Any

Version: 1.0.0



Composite Score: 2.7/5.0


Best: 7.14% (1/14)

Good: 14.29% (2/14)

Average: 35.71% (5/14)

Substandard: 28.57% (4/14)

Poor: 14.29% (2/14)





Keywords: 24-Hour Scenario, Cutscene Heavy, Innovative Scripting, Light/No Combat, Linear, Short, Town Only

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(re-posts old review)


I like this scenario. Obviously, it's not a fully-fledged scenario as we usually think of them... it's more of blatant political propaganda.


BUT! And this is important! It differs from previous offerings by TM in that there really is no thin veil of a story attempting to cover up the propaganda. And I'm fine with that. If you're going to give me a fantasy/adventure story, that's great. If you're going to toss political propaganda at me, that's fine. But it takes a great deal more finesse than we've seen yet to combine the two and keep it palatable.


Technically awesome, graphically impressive (sidebar: I have the utmost respect for appropriate use of default graphics), and almost stirring. I can't rate it much higher because it's not really a standard scenario, so many normal elements are nonexistent. But still, long live the revolution.


Rating: [rating]Good[/rating].

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  • 3 weeks later...

This scenario is typical TM. And it reminds me oddly of a Seuss book. It's clever, thought-provoking, and should have won the 24hr Contest...


The plot revolves around rescuing your Brother. But that's just the shallowest reading of it. It's about becoming independent, and relying on your own mind and imagination rather that the demons that try to shape your life - parents, teachers, etc. It's about union of man, and, actually, I rather digged it. Of course, this is all standard-TM, but as has been said, he's not hiding it this time. This is a good thing.


I, in particular, loved the "Imagination" town. The tree that grows, the statue (of ...a deer), the flourish of trees growing. All wonderful. And the bit at the start where you control the child... brilliant. Top-notch scripting is happening here.


Still, It's hard to classify this one. It didn't feel as if I was playing a game. It was much more like an interactive poster. In fact, even now I'm reminded of the really striking Communist Party posters after the 1917 Revolution. And it's engaging on a mental level, which isn't altogether too common in BoA scenarios.


So, now I'm having problems. It's damn near impossible to give a rating for this. I mean, "poor" just seems stingy, and almost as if you were playing it as a standard "I am player, I must beat bad guy and win" scenario. Then again, a "good" or "best" would be more suited to something much more sizeable. Thing is, I've played this way more than any other scenario, so...


Rating: [rating]BEST[/rating]

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  • 3 weeks later...

this scenario's pretty bad. it's "plot", if you even call it that, is to try to show you how you should expand and rely on yourself and whatnot. it was pretty boring, and although the trick where you could play as a kid in the begining was pure awesome, the scenario isn't entertaining as much else then someone whos experimenting with scripting. its glitch free at least.


the message itself wasn't bad, just way it was done. if there was an actual plot, some devlopment, and maybe a little action, i might of actually liked it. but for better or worse, this scenario just wasn't a good experience. i would have much rather not wasted 5 minutes playing this, to be honest.


Rating: [rating]Substandard[/rating]

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  • 2 months later...

I am conflicted about this scenario. I mean, it had amazing scripting, with the trick letting you control the child, and all of the changing terrain in your imagination. But that doesn't really make up for the fact that I got stuck for twenty minutes before I realized I had to pick up the Teddy Bear, that there was no real combat, and half of the dialogs read like propaganda. If I were to rate this scenario by the scripting I would definitely give it Best, but I just didn't really enjoy it.


Rating: [rating]Substandard[/rating]

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  • 1 year later...

From Nioca on the CSR:


Overview - This scenario is... well, it's bad. And not the bad that comes from the occasional miss with designing, but the kind you would never expect from a seasoned scenario designer. My humble suggestion is to avoid at all costs.


Plot - Bone-chillingly awful. It's almost like TM is trying to shove some sort of anti-authority propaganda down the player's throat. It started out okay, but by the end, it was just painful. Oh, and the profanity was ridiculous.


Combat - Okay. It's impossible to lose, and is basically non-existent. You stab something, it dies, end of story.


Design - Decent. It worked, anyway, but nothing stood out.


Graphics - Okay. Nothing noteworthy.


Balance - In a scenario like this, balance doesn't matter.


Technical - Excellent. There was truly a clever bit of scripting with this scenario, including the modification of your graphic with that of a child.


Gameplay - Awful. Truly, this is one scenario I will never play again. Ever.



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From Thralni on the CSR:


...what should I say. Well, Nikki, you were right, this is a totally different scenario then I'm used to. I must say I liked it a lot and enjoyed every minute of it. That, and the acronym reminds me of Monthy Python (the tramp at the beginning saying "ITS!"), which is nice.


And yeah, Nioca, I'm not quite sure if you understood the point of the scenario. But now on with the review.


Overview: amazing. Not much more to say, i think.


Plot: Oh god, I liked that. As Nikki said, it's about rescuing your brother, but that's just not "it". It goes alot further, about becoming independent, rebelling against the opressers (the wardens of your prsion, as TM says it). I find it to be a very thought-provoking scenario, and if TM makes more of this stuff, I'm gonna honor him as a god. Well, no, but you get the picture.


Combat: None, so I'm not gonna waist your time. Oh wait, there is combat, but you are not hurt (which is fine by me). As Nikki said, that's deliberate.


Design: Not really brilliant, not ugly too, so what the hell. There is nothing that is really great or anything, but it's how TM managed to build up the imagination town and the ending that cracked me up. How it all changed according to what you thought was brilliant!


Technical: It's a TM scenario, so it's excellent in this department.


Gameplay: Hmmm. I always found this hard... Nope, not going to say anything about this.


Conclusion: It was brilliant, absolutely stunning, and I found myself craving for more. I thought the scenario had a point: it had a clear message which wasn't too difficult to understand. The design was decent, but it was how the world altered while you played the scenario that I found amazing. One last thing I wanted to share with you: Already from the moment I saw the scenario icon TM gave his scenario on his website, only two words entered my mind: "rebellion" and "communist". Rebellion is what was mentioned all the time in the scenario, and because of that (breaking free from the prison, kill your wardens, fight the opressors) I as constantly thinking of communism and the Soviet Union. This might not be implied by TM at all but is just me linking to all kinds of stuff, though.


So I don't know what to do. It may sound stupid, but I feel morally inclined to give a 24-hour scenario not higher than average. On the other hand, I found this scenario so stunning, so thought-provoking and so meaningfull, since it really caried a message and wasn't just there for "oh yeah, lets hack and slash some big rand monster of too much HP", or "Kill the leader of thugs and find the sack of 5000 gold!!".


I say "what the hell, morallity", and I'm going ahead to give it a rating of [rating]GOOD[/rating]


I think TM earned it, and if somebody feels I gave too high a mark, that person may contact me to tell me exactly why he thinks so.

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From Jemand on the CSR:




The first communist BoA scenario. Maybe for his next trick TM will do a Fascist scenario to go with it! A hippy scenario! A racist scenario!


...Straying away from politics, the scenio itself isn't too badly made. The graphics look okay. The part with you controlling the child almost works, but is just buggy enough to make movement prohibitive.



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From Enraged Slith on the CSR:


This scenario's got style. I enjoyed playing it but it was a little too small for my taste and I prefer the standard "I am player, I must beat bad guy and win" scenario Nikki described earlier. However, I'm amazed at how well crafted this scenario is, since it was made in a such a short time frame.


As good as they can be, it's hard for me to rate these small scenarios that don't even last five minutes on the same level with standard scenarios. The highest rating I can comfortably give this thing is [rating]AVERAGE[/rating]. I hope you keep designing TM, I always enjoy you work.

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From Salmon on the CSR:


Can't suit everyone.


But it suited me. I got an early shot at this gem and despite sucking at it, I found it to be quite enjoyable.


[censored] or [censored] can be warned off of it. It would be a bit of self defence too, as it seems those folks just can't understand or appreciate that its is a rather good little scenario.



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From Smoo on the CSR:


(Warning! I don't know what I'm doing down there.)


Come on people! Just because a scenario is different doesn't mean you have to like it. Some people want a cliched hack fest with an overused plot, not a clever little story/propaganda piece about a boy who must fight the ****** pigs with his Brother the bear while they are imagining things, including a tree growing in a neat way that just made me laugh, plus kicking arse, not ass, for the glory of the proletariat and yes IMAGINE THIS SCENARIO has ****** swearing in it and it can [censored] bother some people, so don't make a big ****** deal about it, just like I won't make a big deal about how the child's movement was sorta delayed because it doesn't bother me and how the fighting, from a player's perspective, could've been removed, but from a story point-of-view it is, naturally, the culmination of the scenario... *****.


And I liked the ending! It's one of my favorites.



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  • 1 year later...

One thing I like about Terror Martyr's work is that they have some sort of interesting novelty to it; this is one of those examples. The furniture and flora sprouting from the ground is fun, controlling the child is a good work of scripts, but the surreal nature can be a mixed bag to some but I like it for being unique. There isn't much else to it. So [rating]AVERAGE[/rating] be it.

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  • 7 months later...

I usually like things that get you thinking. However this just made me roll my eyes. It wasn't very original, unless it was made 50 years ago.


For the sake of Scripting BEST.

For everything else POOR.


I would also like to add that you could have at least cleaned up the teddy bear graphic. Not to mention the profanities were just uncalled for, inappropriate and lowered the professionalism.


With perhaps some clever child like views, it could be thoughtful and rather intriguing. Perhaps if some motive and setting were added it would be more appealing. But for now...


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