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E2: Oddities and curiosities.


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An Easter egg, as its name suggests, is a hidden surprise in an application. Easter eggs can be hidden in any kind of application -- a game, a word processor or even the operating system itself. In general, easter eggs are seen by doing something that most users wouldn't normally think to do.


(The most famous Exile 2 easter egg is, of course, entering Eas Ter Egg as a code at the Tower of Magi portal.)

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Even stuff you can appreciate...


I thought it was cool that one of the people in Silvar I think it was had a guitar laugh


And when roaming I think its the central caves a dumb lizard attack you from some farm.


And, haha, In the Vahnatai caves, there was a corner that had heaps of stalgamites, if you pointlessly navigated through them, you recieved the message "You notice this area has alot of stalgemites." I thought that was pretty funny laugh

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That thing with the sign is exactly my kind of humor. very pointless stupid comments. this reminds me... How about a chicken farm in my scenario? Where you can buy chicken meat or something?


You also have (in at leat exile 3) this island south from... what was it again... Anyway, you have this island with a city on it, that was totally ruined by a storm. In the city, you have only one person left: some stupid priest who al the time creates undead, that eventually attack him and he gets killed. or nor. Then he killes the undead and just creates a new undead. smile

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