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Special quirk about custom item graphics


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For the next generation of the Blades Forge, I am trying to accurately classify all types custom graphics along with their various dimensions.


I can vaguely remember some weird caveat about BoE item graphics. According to this caveat, even though the item graphic is a 28x36 slot like all other types in BoE, only a specific segment of this slot - 18x18 or something - is actually displayed? The Blades docs I checked say nothing about this, and I'd have to find my CD to test it.


Any BoE gurus know if this is real or garbled nonsense?


Edit: Since the core graphics seem to fill 28x36, this would have to be a bug - but we all know BoE is not exactly free of those.

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Actually, the core graphics come in two separate sizes.


Anyway, I only recall two bugs involving item graphics. One was that the scenario editor would display them in the wrong location, centring the item graphic at the top left of the terrain space. The other was that in a shop, the wrong graphic would be displayed (the one from several slots up – 5 slots, I believe).


Both of these have been or will be fixed, though the fixed version isn't released yet.

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