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E3: Rings of Resistance vs. other protective rings


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I know that the Ring of Resistance resists many negative effects. Does anyone know all the things the ring protects against? Also, are the protections as strong as the "specialized" ring? For example, does a Ring of Resistance offer the same anti-ice protection as a Ring of Warmth?


I'm considering replacing my other protection rings with a Ring of Resistance.


Finally, I know that Pachtar's Plate protects against many other things as well. Would Pachtar's Plate make a Ring of Resistance redundant?


I appreciate any input.

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Any item that has the Full Protection ability (including Rings of Resistance and Pachtar's Plate) will protect you from magic, fire, cold and poison. The protection is the same as what you'd get from other items that provide individual resistances.


The effects of different items that provide resistance to the same thing don't stack, so you only need to wear one at a time.

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I thought I'd made myself clear enough the first time, but I'll try again.


Different resistances always stack. So if you have one item that gives you Fire Resistance and one that gives you Magic Resistance, regardless of what kind of item each of them is, you resist both elements.


The same resistance never stacks. So if you have two items that give you Fire Resistance, regardless of what kind of item each of them is, you resist fire exactly the same as if you were wearing only one of them. Hypothetically, if such items existed, you could wear Boots of Resistance, Armour of Resistance, a Helmet of Resistance, two Rings of Resistance and an Amulet of Resistance all at the same time, and you wouldn't be any more resistant than if you were only wearing one of them.


(Note: rings and amulets of Protection, which protect you from physical damage, do stack.)

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