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why no source in svn repository?


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I remember checking out this project a few years back when it started, and there was no svn repository set up...


now there's a google code site, but nothing has been checked into the repository.



So... an open source project pretty much can't go anywhere without version control. As it is, someone like me, who is interested in the project has no easy way of getting the latest source, and the project is bound to fracture into a dozen unsynchronized code bases. With it, interested people can come along and start working without the much effort.


It would take about 10 minutes to set up, and it looks like a lot of people have spent considerable time working on the code base so... If the problem is that people aren't familiar with svn, let me assure you it is easy to use.


I'll set it up if you guys want... I only have the source that Jeff posted online though, nothing newer that might compile.


Email me at "catphive at catphive dot net" if you have a newer version of the source or want to be added to the comitters list. I'll just let anyone who wants commit, and trust you guys not to vandalize the repository. It can always be rolled back anyway.

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SVN is not all beer and skittles, I made a few good mistakes with the Blades of Avernum 3D Editor.


I am currently compiling that editor, Blades of Exile, the PC Editor and the BoE Scenario Editor. See the posts





I am using the Bloodshed Dev-C++ compiler, for an explanantion of how I got it to work:

Using the dev file supplied with the source code.


Making the alteration found at http://www.allegro.cc/forums/thread/598060

"All you have to do, is go to Tools->Compiler Options->Directories->Libraries -- And delete all entries (don't bother adding anything back, it won't make a difference)."


You might need to include this at the top of Bl A Fileio.cpp

#include <ctype.h>

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I'll put up a repository, probably on google code, later this week. I'll check in the last official source release, and you guys can add in whatever fixes you want.


My assumption is that only fixes to make boe compile and run on modern computers should go into the main branch of the repository. If someone has behavior changing extensions, I'll gladly add a branch to put those in as well, but they should probably be separate to not confuse people just looking for a program to run their old BOE games.


For the time being, I'll leave out the macintosh files, as all the development effort I see on the board is going to linux and windows. If I am wrong, and someone is going active mac work, let me know.

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You will find the Ormus code on his home page: http://info.wsisiz.edu.pl/~kowalsg0/

The Blades of Exile link was broken. Meanwhile the Scenario Editor was only missing the icon file, easily found in the official Spiderweb source code.


As for SVN, I have one directory for the upload/download and another for the actual compilation. This is in case a new alteration does not work or I fumble the changes. (Accidentally delete my own work or someone else's).


If you read the topics that I listed you will see that the Ormus source codes are usually functional but missing resources.

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Ishad Nha, as you should already know from working with Subversion for the BoA Editor, the entire point of it is to obviate the need for such extra directories; you simple don't commit until your changes are ready, and if you delete something by accident, you just revert. I would strongly recommend that svn or an equivalent version control system be used for BoE as we are using it for BoA.

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Originally Posted By: catphive
For the time being, I'll leave out the macintosh files, as all the development effort I see on the board is going to linux and windows. If I am wrong, and someone is going active mac work, let me know.
Put up this Mac code, together with the corresponding executable. Then you can add this code as the next commit or whatever that's called. That code should probably be considered pre-release, though.

Oh, and I'd like to have commit access. I intend to work on it occasionally.

By the way, how do you expect to use this project when the project owner is MIA?

EDIT: I've tried emailing him. Maybe he'll answer...
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Thanks, for your help. I'll try to find some time to set this up today.


I won't use the existing project, as the admin is MIA as you say.


Would it be helpful if I also put up some resources to help people get started with SVN, or are you guys all already pretty familiar with it?


If you need help with svn, then what platform are you using (Linux, Windows XP, OSX, etc). Windows is a little different, so if people are using that I'll make windows specific instructions.

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Well, why don't we wait until, say, Saturday? Just in case the admin does get back to me.


But if you've already done it, don't worry.



For the record, I've never used SVN before, so those resources you mention would be very useful.


Oh, and I'm a Mac-user. There will be Windows users. Ishad Nha would be the main active one.

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Since the old repository has been up with no source since 2007... I think it's safe to say nothing is happening there.


I've created the project here:



If you want to be added as a committer, you will need some kind of google mail account, like a gmail account. Email me the email address at "catphive <at> catphive.net"


Please put something about blades of exile in the title so I can distinguish it from my other email.


I'll include the source for macintosh, windows, and linux code in separate directories for now... but in the future it would be good to consider moving towards a unified build with scons... that's probably more work than anyone is prepared for right now though.

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I've put up the macintosh source... Maybe someone with a mac could download that and try to compile it and let us know if anything is missing? Sadly, I no longer have an osx install...


I also put up the compiled application from khoth's site. I assume that works fine?


I want to put up windows BOE... but I"m a little confused. Is there a known to compile version of BoE for windows? I went to ormus' page, but it had a number of different links to different versions, and I wasn't clear on what was the most stable version. Also, one of the links seems to be broken.

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You mean this?:



That is sourcforge, so you need a sourceforge account.


BoE is on google code:



so you need a google account of some kind, like gmail.


That's for modifying code in the repository, of course. You are free to download code without logging in.


The benefit of logging in, is you can make changes, commit them back, and everyone else will get your changes. Also, the repository does version control, so if you make a mistake, you can compare againt or revert back to an older version to fix it.


This explains how to get started with svn on windows using the windows gui:



On linux and osx there is a command line system instead. See the "command line access" section here:



The full command line svn manual is here:



but the most important commands are "svn update", "svn add" and "svn commit". You can learn about them with "svn help COMMANDNAMEHERE".


On a side note, I'm not familiar with the BoA 3D editor. Where does that come from? I didn't know blades of avernum was open source.

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BoA itself is not open source, but the editor is. A few years back an intrepid person (Isaac) made a version which added a 3D view mode mimicking the game's display. This is now the preferred version of the editor, which we typically just refer to as the '3D Editor'. Ishad Nha and I are currently working to maintain and improve it.


An aside on using Subversion: For Mac OS X, I recommend SCPlugin, although SvnX is not bad, and XCode has useful built-in Subversion integration. There's no need to use the command-line at all if you prefer not to.

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Ishad: Judging by catphive, you don't need to open a gmail account to be added to the project. Just email catphive and he'll add you.


Niemand: Xcode has built-in SVN? That's good, because that's what I would be using... I'll just have to find out how to use that...


Catphive: The Blades of Avernum scenario editor is open source, but the game itself is not.

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Ah, yes there are a lot of other excellent svn clients as well. Though, I think it's good to be familiar with the command line even if you use something else most of the time because:


1. CLI client is best documented, so if you need to do something obscure, it's usually easiest to figure out how to do it through the CLI.

2. The CLI has all features, whereas other clients may not expose some features that are new or not often used.

3. The CLI works the same on osx, linux, and windows.

4. The CLI is usually quite stable, whereas some other clients I've had problems with bugs. Particularly, tortoisesvn crashes on me sometimes.


For most people who just need to update/add/commit/diff, pretty much any client will work.

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