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  1. I have a macbook retina. I'm running into an issue where if I select the native resolution of the screen at startup in avernum (2880 x 1800) then only the bottom left of the game shows up on the screen. It looks like the game is drawing 2880 x 1800 graphics, but they are getting stretched out so most are off screen... I'm thinking that for some reason the os is trying to scale up the resolution of avernum as if it were a non-retina supporting game. I can play the game at 1440 x 900. I'd like to be able to see the HD graphics though.
  2. Ah, fair enough. If you do reach a point where you are comfortable releasing your code, please consider putting it in the repository, for the sake of keeping all the ports organized and publically available in the same place. I'm a Linux developer as well, so I might be able to help out.
  3. Ah, yes there are a lot of other excellent svn clients as well. Though, I think it's good to be familiar with the command line even if you use something else most of the time because: 1. CLI client is best documented, so if you need to do something obscure, it's usually easiest to figure out how to do it through the CLI. 2. The CLI has all features, whereas other clients may not expose some features that are new or not often used. 3. The CLI works the same on osx, linux, and windows. 4. The CLI is usually quite stable, whereas some other clients I've had problems with bugs. Particul
  4. You mean this?: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=129871 That is sourcforge, so you need a sourceforge account. BoE is on google code: http://code.google.com/p/openexile/ so you need a google account of some kind, like gmail. That's for modifying code in the repository, of course. You are free to download code without logging in. The benefit of logging in, is you can make changes, commit them back, and everyone else will get your changes. Also, the repository does version control, so if you make a mistake, you can compare againt or revert back t
  5. I've added you as a owner to the project, so you will be able to edit the main page if you feel like it, in addition to being able to work in the svn repository.
  6. Hi, if you are still working on this, how would you feel about adding it to SVN? I'm putting together a project to host all of the various BoE work that has been very divided into a number of places until now. http://code.google.com/p/openexile/ currently the osx port is there in the osx directory of the trunk. http://code.google.com/p/openexile/source/browse/#svn/trunk/osx If you would like, I will give you authorization to commit, and further development of the linux port can take places in a linux directory. This would give an opportunity for other linux developers suc
  7. I've put up the macintosh source... Maybe someone with a mac could download that and try to compile it and let us know if anything is missing? Sadly, I no longer have an osx install... I also put up the compiled application from khoth's site. I assume that works fine? I want to put up windows BOE... but I"m a little confused. Is there a known to compile version of BoE for windows? I went to ormus' page, but it had a number of different links to different versions, and I wasn't clear on what was the most stable version. Also, one of the links seems to be broken.
  8. Since the old repository has been up with no source since 2007... I think it's safe to say nothing is happening there. I've created the project here: http://code.google.com/p/openexile/ If you want to be added as a committer, you will need some kind of google mail account, like a gmail account. Email me the email address at "catphive <at> catphive.net" Please put something about blades of exile in the title so I can distinguish it from my other email. I'll include the source for macintosh, windows, and linux code in separate directories for now... but in the future
  9. Thanks, for your help. I'll try to find some time to set this up today. I won't use the existing project, as the admin is MIA as you say. Would it be helpful if I also put up some resources to help people get started with SVN, or are you guys all already pretty familiar with it? If you need help with svn, then what platform are you using (Linux, Windows XP, OSX, etc). Windows is a little different, so if people are using that I'll make windows specific instructions.
  10. I'll put up a repository, probably on google code, later this week. I'll check in the last official source release, and you guys can add in whatever fixes you want. My assumption is that only fixes to make boe compile and run on modern computers should go into the main branch of the repository. If someone has behavior changing extensions, I'll gladly add a branch to put those in as well, but they should probably be separate to not confuse people just looking for a program to run their old BOE games. For the time being, I'll leave out the macintosh files, as all the development effort
  11. I remember checking out this project a few years back when it started, and there was no svn repository set up... now there's a google code site, but nothing has been checked into the repository. http://code.google.com/p/oboe/ So... an open source project pretty much can't go anywhere without version control. As it is, someone like me, who is interested in the project has no easy way of getting the latest source, and the project is bound to fracture into a dozen unsynchronized code bases. With it, interested people can come along and start working without the much effort. It wo
  12. how risky is changing the day in the A3 character editor? I'm at day 28 and I haven't even finished the slime quest. I like to find and finish every little mini quest, every secret in an area before progressing. I'd like to be able to continue to take it slow without worrying about the game running out of time. Also, I've heard that some towns get destroyed at certain days, and I'd like to not have to worry about getting there and getting any items from them before they get destroyed. Is it risky to change the day? (i.e. will it screw up certain events?). Are there some safe per
  13. I've been looking around the internet, but for the life of me I can't find a list of time based events for avernum 3 (although I saw one for avernum 1). Has anyone seen anything like this, or know most of the events? This would be handy as I could visit towns before they are destroyed, know when I'm spending too long in a region, manage to show up for special events, etc.
  14. I used to play Exile a lot back in the day. When trying out Avernum, one change that I found kind of inexplicable is that max party sizes have been reduced from 6 to 4. In Exile I usually had a party something along the lines of: 1. human swordsman 2. slith with some kind of pole 3. nephil archer 4. thief + miscelanious skills 5. white mage (cleric) usually with low level black magic 6. black mage (sorceror) usually with low level white magic With 6 party members you have less of a party and more of an army, but that's something I got used to and tended to like, as I'd al
  15. Hey, I'd like to say that I think it's great you've released this for your fans. I also have a couple of technical questions. Are you releasing the graphics and sounds under the CPL as well? Are you generally ok with people using the oringal exile graphics in BoE for other projects? For example, I've wanted to put together some kind of simple tile based web game for a while, and the exile tiles that BoE, which I've always liked, would let me get around my general lack of artistic skill. Has anyone set up a repository of some kind? I tried to get to khoth's page, but it looked like hi
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