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Help me through the PERILS of Scenario Editing


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Yeah, but the way to do it depends on when and how you want them to disappear and reappear. If you want them to disappear and reappear right before the player's eyes, the easy way involves having two copies of the NPC, and hiding the second copy by placing it in a town encounter group: use Destroy Monster to make the first one disappear, then use Place Town Encounter to make the second one appear. Depending on exactly what you're trying to do, other methods may be more appropriate.

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Yes. If the NPC is his own monster type, you can call a Destroy Monster node to make him disappear (or if you do it through dialogue, there's a dialogue node type for that, in which case the NPC doesn't need to be its own monster type). Then, when you want him to reappear, place a duplicate of the NPC in the editor, and then use the Edit Monster tool (on the town map), click the NPC, and click Advanced. The bottom half of the window that appears deals with town Special Encounter types. Set that to anything besides None and 10, and then call a One-Time Place Town Encounter node, set to the same number.

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Don't give them any choice, one way to do this is shown below, taken from the editor help file:

"Type 190: Stairway A dialog comes up text you supply


Extra 2b: If this is set to 1, the stairway is forced. No dialog box appears. Instead, the party is immediately moved to the different level."


see "Appendix 1b: Special Encounter Node Types, Second Half" in the Bladedit help file.


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