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A4 - Post win questions...


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I just finished A4! *crowd roars*


And I'd like to request a few spoilerific answers.


1. Who are you supposed to show the cracked shard to? The one that you find in the chamber that made the shades. I talked to a lot of people after I found it but couldn't find someone to tell me what it was.


2. Is it possible to kill all of the shades? I gather from the quests given that the hatred shade can be killed. (Most likely after finding the person in question 1) But can the other two be killed also?


3. Is there more than one ending based upon choices made?


4. Does anyone else feel slighted by the 30000 gold cap? I mean really, that's been there since Exile 1 and I hated it then.

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1. Show the shard to Rone or Correlea.


2. Yep, giving the shard to the right people gets you the gear to kill all three shades, which coincidentally makes the last fight slightly harder.


3. You get the same ending, but the text changes slightly depending on what you do with Rentar, the shades, and Dorikas.


4. There's always something to spend it on.


—Alorael, whose personal favorite is those wonderful but expensive skills. You know, useless ones. Maxed melee for the mages!

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I killed all the shades, i even have a save before each shade kill so i can kill them over and over.


I did ended with 20k unspent gold and 25pts on mage and priest without use


I saved all the gold bars, steel bars, mandrake and all the herbs but the last boss was so ez that i didnt need them



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I just went for a long stretch without buying spells or skills. When I noticed that I was selling things and not gaining anymore money I stopped and sought out the spell/skill sellers and used almost all of it. My frustration is that I don't know how much I wasted before noticing.


I'd be happy with a message warning saying I can carry no more gold. But having it dissapear into nothingness... It just vexes me.

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