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Avernum 4 Process doesn't end.


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I am running Windows XP Home Edition SP2 on a Pentium 4 machine.


Often, when exiting Avernum 4, I will press (alt-F4) instead of going to the Game Menu and clicking Quit from there. If I don't quit the game from the Game Menu, there is still a process running when I bring up the Task Manager. In fact there is a process left running every time I exit the game using (alt-F4)


It doesn't seem to adversely effect the program, but it does occupy a portion of memory. If I don't reboot my computer, I have to open the Task Manager and end each instance of the process manually.

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This should have been caught in beta. I did test out all the normal stuff, and monitored for memory problems, but that was Windows 2000. Since Jeff programs on Mac and then ports, it isn't unlikely that these things could get missed.


If you like, email Jeff (using the Contact Us link at the bottom of the webpage) and describe the problem and your hardware and OS. You might receive a better answer than you are getting now. But, you may not. smile

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