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  1. As to question one, once when I was really bored I pimped my characters out (gave them very high luck, Int, Dex, and lots of lockpicks) with the editor and made lockpick attempts until the door finally gave up. I was finally able to enter the room. It looked just the same as it did for romans, but other than that there was nothing particularly interesting inside. It’s worth noting, though, that even after the door was opened, walking up to it still triggered the message about the impossibly complex lock.
  2. I think it's all in the sounds and nice wooden tables an' chairs.
  3. Try to free up more system resources to reduce the load time. Close programs that are running in the background (look on your status bar).
  4. If you really, really need something to prevent you from logging back in with this account you could change the email address listed in your profile to something which is not your email.
  5. The pink messages seem to appear when the [*] key on the number pad is pressed. I think it's just supposed to be silly, pay it no mind. As for the "How to order" option on the main menu, it never goes away. Just ignore it, too.
  6. Vale of the Sould is at X= 128, Y = 21. You have to go pretty far in to find Clouds of Night, the Netherarts spell.
  7. Yeah, I can't understand why Jeff put the Berserker trait on the disadvantage list. It's more of an advantage, particularly when combined with Toughness or Regeneration. I use the trait more than the skill.
  8. I thought Nethergate was excellent. My only complaints are about the very limited Character Editor and the fairly low item per town limit. It's not fun when all your spare pants start to disappear.
  9. NaCN


    Scorp, I think hitting [Preview Post] instead of the [Add Reply] button works very well for tests. It's always worked for me at least.
  10. I like both campaigns. I'm not at all biased about one side or the other. I find the Roman campaign a welcome break from the funky mystic-ness of the Celts campaign, and the Celts campaign a nice holiday from the militaristic law-an'-order-ness of the Roman campaign. Yeah, I know. I'm kinda boring, huh.
  11. You need to line them up on the carpet, with a crate on the north square, a crate on the middle square, and the barrel on the south square.
  12. WARNING – SUPER HUGE SPOILER AHEAD! Do not proceed unless you want the exact location of the satchel! * * * * * * Ok, you have been warned. To follow these directions, you will find it useful to use the ‘Print Party Location' option which is conveniently located in the ‘Actions' menu (at least in the Windows version). Enter the Abandoned Mines and head south, then turn east. You need to go to the stairs which lead down to Abandoned Mines (L2) at X=9, Y=42. Go down the stairs and travel east to about X=42, Y=25. From here, go north and up the short the short flight o
  13. Well, if it's happened before I guess it could have been a ubb-ish problem. It did seem like a random string, but I was worried that it might have been the work of my sister. You see, we use the same computer and if I forgot to log out... Anyway, she has never been one to do that sort of thing. PS: Go ahead and lock this topic.
  14. I tried to log in, but it said my password was incorrect. I figured out what my password was, but I sure didn't change it. So my question is: Do the boards tend to randomly change peoples passwords, was this a freak accident, or did someone hack my account?
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