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  1. Mystic is right about growing buildings. I remember reading that in A3. That's an aspect I hope to make use of in a future scenario .
  2. So who exactly among the twenty entries ( ) will be considered 'new designers'? if it's based on whether they have released a scenario or not, I may just wait to finally release Strange Gildra . If not, it will probably come out before mid July.
  3. Gazers, Eyebeasts, Drakons and Ur-Drakons are most certainly not immune to mental effects in G2. I have an agent game that I've been playing, and I was able to walk into Inner Gazak-Uss, cast a bunch of Terror and Dominate spells and pick everything off with little to no trouble.
  4. That does sound like Princess Monoke. I hadn't noticed that before. I liked that movie too, but I have something slightly different in mind for this. It's not that Princess Monoke wouldn't make a good scenario (In fact, I think it would make a great scenario, and someone should totally do that ), but I have other plans for this.
  5. This is all good advice, but everyone seems to be overlooking the Terror spell. With high enough mental magic you can completely incapacitate enemies. This is especially useful against strong solo enemies, like the battle alphas in the new Rising bridge area. Sure, you have to run down your enemy once you hit them, but if you can corner them they wont move at all. They just sit there and let you hurl spells at them .
  6. There are likely going to be a few things in your scripts that require you to know exact terrain locations (if you change terrain through a script you will need the x and y coordinates).
  7. I see I'm not the first to say this, nor will I be the last. Your first effort should aim small. Keep it simple. Get used to the engine. Avernumscript can be very complicated, especially if you have no experience with programing. If you run into any trouble or can't figure out how to do something feel free to ask.
  8. Quote: Make a scenario where the party has to defend a location or person. The scenario will take place in a marsh or swamp. The party will spend most of the time fighting wild beasts. Three things will be important to the plot: a powerful mage the party meets, a natural wonder, and hallowed ground. I think this is going to make a very good scenario. Count me in.
  9. What strikes me is that the character has two scarabs in his inventory but doesn't seem to have any equipped. At least, it looks like there aren't any equipped. There is a faded picture of a scarab in the equipment slot, but I don't think it's an actual scarab. Anyway, unless the character just picked them up and hasn't had an opportunity to equip them, there may be a reason to not have scarabs equipped. It might be that they're consumed in some way when equipped.
  10. 12 reminds me of Ultima: Quest of the Avatar (aka Ultima IV), but I can't be sure. It has been a very long time since I played any NES games.
  11. Well, it has been over a week now, and I've only heard from a few people. I'm getting anxious to release my scenario. I'd like to finish up by Friday, so if no one contacts me before then, I will assume that there are no more comments and will go ahead with the release. And now for the big question: what's the best way to release a scenario? Is sending it to Spiderweb still a good idea?
  12. I might be interested. It depends on what kind of time limit is decided upon. If it's a 24 hour contest, then I most likely wont. In that case, I guess I could judge.
  13. Alright, I've sent a copy to everyone who volunteered. Check your emails. I look forward to your comments.
  14. So, I can make a mac compatible version? I downloaded Niemand's GraphicAdjuster, but I can't seem to run it.
  15. I'm afraid I don't have a mac version as I don't have a mac. I probably should have mentioned that before.
  16. So, my first scenario, Strange Gildra, is about ready for beta testing. I've done everything I can thing of to it. Now I need some fresh eyes.
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