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  1. Exactly. Players like me want to play the game, and custom scenarios, but don't have the ability (or time, or desire, or whatever that reason might be) to create scenarios. So it saves our DL time and Spiderweb's bandwidth if the two apps come separately
  2. http://housecall.trendmicro.com Free online virus scan - excellent service. It finds things that even Norton Antivirus (the paid, registered version) does not. Sometime the servers are busier and it won't run, but keep trying. It also cleans off the viruses and trojans when it can.
  3. I have this error: /home/ironyce/ubb/Members/pm_topics/G/00001340.cgi did not return a true value at CGIPath/ubb/Templates/public_my_profile.pl line 275. and cannot see the PMs in my profile.
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