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  1. I think I have finally cracked how to do this. This assumes you have the latest version of Parallels installed with Windows Steam in it (make sure you're running Windows Steam and not the Mac Steam and "streaming it" from Parallels). For Avernum 4, 5 and 6: 1. Go to the Parallels menu bar icon and select Control Center. When the Windows 10 Control Centre window comes up, click the gear icon. 2. Select Graphics 3. If you get a yellow warning bar telling you that you can't make changes "until the virtual machine is shut down" you need to Force Quit
  2. Unfortunately this fix did not work for me using Parallels to play Avernum 4 with Steam on a Mac. What did work was this method here (or at least it's working so far): https://steamcommunity.com/app/206020/discussions/0/1742229167187268587/ In case that link doesn't work, the basic details are: I have also had to change the graphics settings on Parallels. In the Control Center for Windows, in Graphics you need to select: Resolution: Scaled Advanced Settings: UNCHECK Always use high-performance graphics
  3. I couldn't find this information anywhere, so I did the unthinkable and completed Sack Tenevra to open Melchanion's fourth reward room in Avernum 6. Just sharing it here for those interested. You get four potions and a basin with +1 Riposte. Nothing hugely special, unlike the third reward (Radiant Soulblade). If you sack his treasure room, there are four basis with +1 Strength, +1 Dexterity, +1 Intelligence and +1 Endurance. (Now I shall reload an earlier save to undo the evil I just did...)
  4. The original Avernum trilogy should still work fine on Mac - I've just been playing them on the latest version of Catalina (I bought them from Steam). The second Avernum trilogy no longer work on Mac and I'm trying to get them to work via Parallels. Avernum 6 works, but 4 and 5 so far don't.
  5. It's far more likely, given Jeff's interest in Celtic mythology (eg Nethergate) that he had heard of Morrigan long before it was used as a character in Dragon Age.
  6. And sheer luck. I can think of any number of healthy people from healthy families struck down by the Big C. As well as overweight smokers with no apparent longevity in their genes making it well into their eighties and beyond. Either way, I hope Jeff lives well into his hundreds and keeps making games. Because let's face it, no one makes games like Jeff!
  7. I believe Jeff is about the same age as I am. Clearly it's time for me to start researching retirement homes and invite some undertakers to measure me up for my coffin!
  8. I really hope he does another series. Something based in the Vahnatai world would be amazing (though I guess that could be the Avernum prequel). I love the remakes almost as much as the original games, since so much time passes in playing the different versions. But an entirely new series/gameworld would be overwhelmingly amazing.
  9. Oh well. Still secretly praying for more stackables
  10. Wow I really am out of the loop: I stumbled on this thread last night after posting the world's most belated review on my site for Avadon 2. Can't wait to play the next Avadon instalment. @eaintree I also tend not to replay RPGs except in the case of Spiderweb games. However I'm not one of those players who replays and replays experimenting with things like solo and hardcore strategies. For me, the world exploration, secrets, pack-ratting/artefact collecting and story are the main draw, so those things aren't so replayable as people who like trying different battle approaches. @
  11. Wow, thank you guys for the kind words! Sorry the site has been a bit quiet of late, there are some games I've been meaning to put on it. And suggestions are of course always welcome
  12. Originally Posted By: Randomizer Jeff likes to put things in to the game that can't be reached. Something just on the other side of a gap that can't be crossed or some other irritation for the completionists that play his games. Avernum 5 has several rooms that can't be gotten to because there are no doors and the switches don't work. Like that hidden area in a (BoE? BoA?) scenario, where to get access you had to edit the terrain. And then when you got to the otherwise inaccessible room, there was a little sign, which read: "how did you get here?!" I loved that
  13. I'm not sure it's just by weight: it depends on the sword. The Flaming Sword only weighs 6lb, but you can't wield it in the off hand.
  14. Actually you do enter via the Honeycomb (yeah - gotta trek all the way back) however you have to go by boat to open the gate.
  15. I always try and roleplay as good/saintly, but I had to have his final present
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