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  1. um wasnt he like just tryin to help?? anyway i wasnt even aware of the "extra" graphics before this thread so thanks a bunch and i hope someone will use the cool graphics someday. i never have enough cool-lookin and powerful items, hehe :-)
  2. Tierra, humo, polvo, sombra, nada (huh, what a nick!!) has it right. the book's in fort draco.
  3. okay, well thanks anyway. i'll keep on looking.
  4. where is she? i've been running around karnold for ages now, looking for her to complete the mission.
  5. Quote: Originally written by SkeleTony: [QB]@Cradial: This will be the last time I repeat this so try and pay attention this time: I NEVER "DEMANDED" that ANY author design ANY scenario in ANY particular way! After I tried to explain this to you the first few times, you came back once again with something along the lines of "But Why should a scenario designer cater to your demands?". i won't bother replying to these faulty accusations and thoughts, since it's now all clear to me that you'll just ignore the true meaning of my words and go run them through "hatespeechagainstSkeleTony"-translator. ^^
  6. Quote: Originally written by The Real Dragon King: 1) Without a scenario loaded, click Scenario menu, all items are greyed out -- except Change Outdoor Size. - this also freezes the editor, since neither 'cancel' nor 'ok' close the box (change outdoor size box, i mean). it's only a minor problem, since not many people will try to change outdoor size of a scenario that isn't ther, but it's a problem nevertheless. Quote: 2) On the cretae new scenario dialog box, I can hear two clicks when clicking on Start with surface terrain. - same here. Quote: 3) In realistic mode, I have noticed small black triangles, pointed down, between the west and north points on the graphics screen. The triangles when realistic mode is turned off. - [ah, understood what you meant]
  7. okay, i downloaded it and am now attempting to draw a town that isn't bad. more about that, later. way later ;-) (at least) one more problem, though. scrolling in the normal 3d-mode is fine (the speed, i mean), but it's way too fast on the 'in-game-3d-mode'. that mode is almost useless as of now. the rest of the editor seems to be working as should.
  8. looks good. noticed a weird thingy though. i check the 'start with surface terrain' button, the outdoors are then fine. but when i go and edit the town, it's cave floored! now, i tried creating a hill. the program uses surface slopes. results in very funny looking hills. i'd post a screenshot had i webspace. this bug only appears in the first town, it seems, so it's not that bad, just a bit weird and annoying. :-)
  9. calling names and such is useless, you got that right. but we are the ones who buy his projects and keep him on the business (and alive :-p), so basically wouldn't it be best for him to keep us quite satisfied? i'm a new member, have no idea how to create scenarios and bla bla, but i've been reading the past threads. those capable of designing adventures for me to play need jeff to fix stuff, so of course i want him to fix stuff up, too. why? because the things the designers want jeff to fix or add would allow them to create a greater variety of cool scripts and other scenario stuff, and that would of course be a good thing for us only interested in playing scenarios, too. now, i'm not saying he should focus on fixing these bugs only and drop the future projects. that would be foolish. if he just could take a few hours a few days of the week and instead of coding other projects, keep the current clients satisfied, hey, that would be the best for everybody. i'm not very good at expressing myself verbally, but i hope you understand what i mean. :-)
  10. there should be a button "PrtScr SysRq" on you keyboard. it copies the current screen to clipboard. now, just open up a graphics program, even paint'll do, and paste. then edit the pic as you see fit. :-)
  11. looks nice to me, hope you get it to work sometime soon. :-)
  12. aw, .cmg is a mac graphics format or something? couldn't get to test, the game froze compaining about missing graphics. :-(
  13. aw, .cmg is a mac graphics format or something? couldn't get to test, the game froze compaining about missing graphics. :-(
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