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  1. TGM was merely trying to say that if you don't like BoE, don't come to the forum. Correct, TGM? I don't think he was whining Arenax.
  2. Thanks Arenax. My original moniker was Wham Bam Shizam, so folks just call me WBS. I am having a little trouble unstuffing the file. I unzip it, and try to run the program, however, I get an error message. Do I need to put the program in the Avernum folder?
  3. Well, I do like Exile, but the Avernum thing is not that bad. I have just been dabbling with Avernum 1 and I am having fun so far. I don't really want to "switch" I just want to "expand" a little. BoA is taking over as the big bully on campus and I would like to be a part of it while it is still a little fresh. I don't want to abandon BoE though. It just seemed, originally, cool to make some 3D graphics. At first, I thought it could be done with just 1 terrain space, and would just replace all the 2D graphics with the 3D ones and instantly have a 3D game. It obviously did not turn out that way.
  4. Whoa. You can make BoE spells in BoE? Cool... I think I'll just drop this. It is just really pointless now...
  5. Well, TM said that a solution to the node burning problem is to make a node changing the town. One would be with walls up, and the other with walls down. And the point? Well, I personally love BoE. The only downside is, the graphics. For being 2D, they are not bad, but don't you think it would be cool to have a sort-of-avernum graphics and throw Quickfire on an innocent town? I do. EDIT: By shrinking avernum graphics, it could be done. And by twisting the graphics, you can create the 45- degree thing - correct?
  6. Well, I my order for BoA is on its way to Seattle. I am wondering, is it even worth it to move on? People are saying the BoE engine isn't built for the 3D thing. Well, Avernum did it on a 2D surface so I am seeking a way to do it with BoE. Once I get BoA, I might try to convert some of the graphics, that is if anyone cares, or wants them. EDIT: Can someone please help, if you care. This project may be a walking time bomb, but if anyone has any interest, just email me. Also, how do you make roofs on this?
  7. That is a good idea TM, instead of nodes, just change the town whenever you walk through the door. This is what is what I have so far: I used the file TER3 and just drew over it. If I keep it up, do you think it is even worth it to keep on going? Thuryl aptly said that terrain spaces are precious. I don't know if I would be able to this without taking half of them up. If anyone has any suggestions, or wants to contribute, please do.
  8. I would like these. Just for fun. I am actually going to send in the money for BoA this week... whambamshizam@hotmail.com
  9. Ok, now I need the help of all you expert scenario makers out there. I need to make a change terrain node when the party steps into a room. In Avernum, the wall shrinks, or moves out of the way so you can see the part of the room obstructed by the wall in the first place. I would like to do the same, but I don't know how. I also need the wall to pop back up when the party leaves the room. How do you do this? PS I am really thinking about throwing these new 3D graphics in a scenario I am working on. If anybody would like to help (I would really appreciate it)I can send what I have so far. I am just making a template so I can make everything else. One more question... how do you efficiently place doors on these 3D walls?
  10. What if wall terrain looked something like this? Colored in of course. And smaller. Like mentioned earlier, Avernum graphics are not really 3D. Would it also be possible to take original Avernum graphics and overwrite them to the terrain files in BoE? I am currently working on a set of 3D wall terrain. Just as an expirement. If the graphics turned out well, it would not be illegal to distribute them, would it? (My computer will not bring the picture up. Can you all see it?)
  11. I know it sounds weird, but what if we could change the original terrain in BoE to be three dimensional? Is it even possible? Perhaps by modifying the Avernum graphics we could to something. I once saw a 3D monster graphic (Brett Bixler)so why can't we have 3D terrain?
  12. If you have too many scenarios in your bladscen folder, that may be the source of your problem. Try removing a scenario, and then try to play your scenario again. I think that may be what is wrong. Otherwise, I'm afraid I can't help you.
  13. Do you all know of any scenarios that have a snow or desert based terrain? I have found a few that have desert, like TM's Two Strands. The only thing with that scenario is that it was too short. I have not come across a snowland scenario though... PS What is the name of that web site that has all the backup files for BoE? I believe it has and updated version of BLADBASE. I can't seem to find it...
  14. Where is Goldale? Well, I have some weapons and I would like them so I can do more damage.
  15. I have the unregistered version, (though I am considering buying the trilogy soon) and I need a place where I can make my weapons flaming. Is there such a place?
  16. I have (like many other Spiderwebbers) weather or not to buy BoA. I am loyal to the BoE engine and have been worried about BoE being outdated and forgotten. However, I have come to a conclusion: to buy BoA for playing scenarios only, not for making them. And use BoE for making scenarios and playing them. It is my understanding the BoA engine is much harder to use, and I have trouble using the BoE editor as it is. What do you all think of this? (I am thinking that this has already been thought, and if so, let me know, and I'll lock this.)
  17. I don't have Microsoft Word, so that doesn't help much. But thanks Gizmo, that helps a lot. Now I don't have to make posts asking stupid questions anymore
  18. I downloaded this scenario from Alexandria, and the walkthrough was in rich text format. Does anyone know how to convert it or fix it so I can read it?
  19. I don't know if this is the right place to post questions for this scenario, or if I email them. If I have to email, someone just let me know. So, I have eaten the bloodroot plant, and had the hallucination. I am now in a place called Taste and I don't know what to do.
  20. I am making some customs items in my scenario. I am wondering which is more powerful, Ogreish Gaunlets, or Giantish Gaunlets?
  21. Ok all, I'm back after a short delay. I have been working and I have a few more questions. 1: I am encountering a problem with names of people and towns. I have already made use of TM's random town name generator, but I can't seem to come up with a name for my main character. Any advice on this? 2: I am also wondering about the protocol for a beta-call. Though I am nowhere near it, I would like to know the protocol.
  22. I am making a rest special in a town. That is why I was wondering maybe that would help you help me Also, how do you make a dialoge message that pops up once and only once. I tried "One shots-display message" but that doesnt work.
  23. Thanks *I. But a few more questions will come up later on. They probably are not very long, and I am not trying to get my post count up or anything. So first, how many moves counts as a day? Is it every 187 moves?
  24. One major obstacle that I have encountered playing this scenario. I have school, and my weekends are packed. Does anyone have any advice for that?
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