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  1. What you could do is make a new scenario, with the desired amount of outdoor spaces, and import all of the towns in your previous scenario. This erases all of your previous outdoor work, but it is the best you can do.
  2. No, no, that is not what I mean. If you have a ring, this is a regular item, not a special item, and you need to give it to someone, not a PC, how do you do that? Is that tied with special classes?
  3. Um... how do special item classes work? EDIT: If you have and item, or a special item, how do you get rid of it? I mean, if you have a ring you need to give someone, how do you give the ring to them?
  4. Where can I get utilities for making scenarios? I know there are some on SW, but they are not what I am looking for. I remember a paper by Drizzt about a day and night sequence, a scenario explaining a "shadow" effect with monsters, and a couple others... If there is a paper discribing how TM did his reading thing in Bandits 2, that would be appreciated. (I am working *really* hard on this scenario, I really want to get it out as soon as possible)
  5. Arenax, if you don't like Jeff's games, and think he designs them badly, why are you here? I am also curious as to whether you will make a scenario for BoA or not. Just curious.
  6. Thanks Thuryl. Btw, does anyone have that utility that names all the sounds in the game? I tried downloading it from SW but it didn't work...
  7. Okay, I know you are not supposed to double post, but I have another question. I am inserting DRK DRAXIS's desert terrain into my scenario. I am having trouble inserting mountains. When I am done trading all the grass mountains for the desert mountains, and I try to use them, they come out wrong. Why?
  8. How do you know what number to put in the "Terrain picture" slot?
  9. I am trying to make some custom graphics for my scenario. How do you do it? I don't understand what the readme file says. I have copied an original terrain file, painted over it, renamed it to the name of my scenario, put it in BLADSCEN, but when I open the editor, I don't see the graphics on the right, where you choose what graphic to paint with. Can anyone help me?
  10. I am having a little trouble designing towns. When I design them, just about everything is symmetrical. Everything is even. That kind of bothers me. I can't really make interesting town layouts. Does anyone have any advice on town building? It also takes a lot of time... does anyone have advice for this?
  11. For me, I would really like to design with BoA, and earn some respect out there, and most importantly, to make a good scenario. I am having some problems getting my copy of BoA, but it will (hopefully) come soon. I kind of got the BoE-node thing down, but I have not had the time to throw a scenario out there... maybe sometime in the future. I really want to design for BoA when it is still new and fresh. I am not really programming-savvy, so I have a feeling I will have a hard time with this scripting thing. Newbs like me will need some help to make scenarios, and like TM said, how can you debate NOT making a tool?
  12. I also like being able to put stuff away in drawers and stuff. In BoE, (like a lot of games) you collect huge amounts of stuff. And you need a place to dump it. Sometimes, you are given a place in the beginnning of the game to store your stuff. But in one or two scenarios, you can actually buy houses, and store stuff in there. Though you really can't DO anything in your house, it still feels good.
  13. I had the EXACT same problem on my old computer. I had windows 98, but it still froze. I talked to somebody... and they said it was the display drivers. I don't know if this is true, or if it will even help.
  14. OK, I found the answer to your questions... 1) In order to play the boxes, you simply look at them. You don't need a special item. Just look at the boxes. 2) I think this is a bug. I don't think you can fix it. Sorry. Hope this helps.
  15. I am playing thorough it right now... if you can wait for a bit I can answer your question.
  16. You have problably heard this before, from Kelandon or something, but when you post a question, try to use correct grammar so the people helping you can understand what you are trying to say.
  17. What do I do with the files once they are done downloading? PS Thanks, M.
  18. I think it is the random people who assault. Most of these guys are really new and have a really small post count. I think there was one... Ravaged Soul or something that was bashing TM. He might have done some other things, I am not sure.
  19. M's Avatar: I tried opening the link and it didn't work. Could you please send it to whambamshizam@hotmail.com? Is this a problem everyone encounters?
  20. I think you should stop challenging TGM. If you continue, the almighty mods might can, or ban you. Right? Or am I just being a stupid newb?
  21. *In a three year old voice, and with huge, glassy eyes* TM, will you continue to design scenarios for BoE?
  22. OK, I am having problems opening AvernumScript. I download it from your site, unzip it to a new folder on the desktop, and I double click on the icon "AvScript v0.2 BETA". I then get a message saying this: Run-time error '339': Component 'COMDLG32.OCX' or on of its dependencies are not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid What is this?
  23. I didn't see the first pic, but even so, you can't really call TGM a noob.
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