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  1. now for another question. on a road to algiers, how do you get into the forbidding tower. i found the three doors. but whenever i go into the third one i get transported back outside. how do i get past this. is there another way in? never mind i figured it out. but i got out without ever seeing the n,s,e,w, teleporter signs and with the staff. did i miss something.
  2. yes thank you very much, that helped alot. unfortunately. now i have to start over because i didn't ask before i messed up. oh well this time should go faster and at least i can finish it.
  3. ok first question. when you get into kissan-tel's hide out he won't let you leave until you figure out his music box. well my question is what do i use to play it. the hint page says what order to strike the boxes in but not what to use. second question. because i couldn't figure it out. and because i had saved in there, i used the editor to take myself out of the town. then i went and did everything else. well when i came back to try it again i couldn't get back in. every time i go through the teleporter i come out the other side instead of in the hideout. so my question is do i have to start over or is there i way i can still win this.
  4. can anybody help me with the back to normal scenerio. i read the hint page. the only it doesn't tell me and i couldn't find anything in the room. what do you use to strike kissan-tel's music box. also i saved while inside and couldn't get out so i used the editor to leave town. now i can go through the tunnel but i can't get kissan-tel to let me back in. did i completely mess up by doing this. and can it be fixed or do i have to start over. i hope not i'm at the end of the scenerio. this is the next to last thing on the list. thank you in advance
  5. thanks everybody. i found the one at the crone place before i read you had to be a roman to use it. expensive lesson. it cursed everything. oh well i guess if your a celt your not eligible for blessings unless you register. the game is still fun though. i just can't afford it just yet. i'm going to register boa,geneforge,and geneforge 2. first oh well maybe i can get myself this one for christmas. by the way where is the stone circle
  6. in reference to the Temple of Brigantes do i have to be registered to get to it and if not where is it located. also the main thing i would use the pools for is potions.
  7. help where are the blessing pools located and do i need to be registered to get there or use them. also how do i avoid being cursed by the crones.
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