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  1. But in the process of making one scenario, I needed an explination for why you started where you did. That led me to thinking "ok, I need a short scenario in order to have this one make sense. And it will be good for me to start small, and even if I don't finish the second one, I will at least have made something" ya know? And also I am wondering if I should even make one because it seems BoE is dying. And with Spidweb's treatment towards BoE, possible their greatest creation, I am not too optimistic. But I do think that there will be a small community of die-hard BoE lovers that will still put out a good scenario every once in a while, no matter how much other games outshadow it, or wether its designers totally neglect it. Am I right? Or do I have some empty optimism?
  2. Thanks Kelandon. I don't think I gave too much away, just intro text, nothing haveing to do with the actual plot. But thanks a lot for the advice.
  3. "Being adventurers can be tough. Fighting goblins, ghouls, power-hungry magi, weird, demented humanoids, evil empires, and collecting mass amounts of treasure can get monotonous, even tiresome. Not to mention what healers are charging nowadays! Adventuring can be hard on the ‘ol back too... Rare is the species of adventurer that explores the depths of his own soul and meaning of existence. While, of course, whacking a few heads off in the process. Surely there is more than becoming rich and famous? There must be some adventure that has a truly fulfilling ending, if it has an ending at all..." What do you all think? This is gonig to be the intro text to my scenario, The Fourth Tower: Prelude. I don't know if that is a good name. If anyone else has a substitute for "prelude" do tell. I am hoping the whole think will consist of at least two parts. I am starting small with the Prelude. So if I don't get both of 'em out, I hope I am not shunned by the community. I hope I can at least get this one out...
  4. I am currently writing a scenario and I have a little dillemma, and I need all of you opinions. I would have a poll but we don't have that option anymore. (does anyone know why?) I was writing the intro text to my scenario, and a prelude evolved from it. So I decided to make this prelude, for it will be small and will should be easy to make. But I am leaning towards having a custom 1 PC party. I personally did not like playing scenarios with prefab parties. What does everyone think about this?
  5. In response to your comment Rosie, I do think that Jeff Vogel deserves SOME respect. I mean without him, we wouldn't be here on this webboard. Certianly he doesn't deserve the respect of The Creator and TM and company, but some at least. And, a good friend of mine's last name is Vogel as well.
  6. Don't stop designing Mr.TM.(if that title is annoying, let me know) You display extrordinary creativity in your scenarios, and the fact you can put out good scenarios in a short time is amazing. I think it is great people still are making scenarios for BoE. I am currently working on one, just to try to keep it alive. I am still considering buying BoA but I am not so sure... what would you all reccomend? And Mr.Shyguy, that is a rather daring letter. I think it is awesome you would write something like that to Jeff.
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