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  1. So just as a question, how DID you kill sulfras? Are there any harder bosses than sulfras?
  2. Oh so there were FOUR books... ._. Thanks for the help guys lol
  3. I've read all three books Not sure what's going on Maybe i already have the ritual and i don't know it?
  4. So... i ended up reading both books (i've read all the books in the empire archives now, multiple times..) I'm still getting the "it could take months to find and decipher one useful to you" message Am i bugged?
  5. So uhm, i cleared out the empire archives I read the book that describes the location of the teleporter ritual (on the NE side) Then i went downstairs to the "ritual book" and it kept giving me the "without knowledge of what you're looking for it could take forever to find" Am i bugged out or something here? Or have i done something in the wrong order?
  6. nope can't find it lol I'm about to finish getting the crystal souls at this point in the game so tbh i just wanna get this crappy dungeon over and done with (im a completionist lol)
  7. Oh ok well.. go ahead and spoil me because i've been stuck trying to solve this dungeon for ages lol i found the secret switch then i found the 4 runes on the floor then...???
  8. So uhh. another unrelated question In the spiral pit theres supposed to be a teleporter after the hidden passage for some reason my teleporter isn't there? I just see 4 runes and an empty spot. Did i do something wrong?
  9. Am i being dumb? Afaik you used to be able to go up from limoncelli's place but now you cant... does that mean the boats are stuck there permanently? what if i run out?
  10. If i upgrade now am i gonna have to spend another 250 coins to get a boat? D:
  11. I'm playing the demo version (will buy soon like all the other ones) I can't seem to buy the boat in cotra - i pay the guy, and i lose the money, but then when i goto any of the 4 boats in the dock it say's i need to register. I can repeat this process several times (burning my gold) Is it because i'm still in the demo version that i'm getting this?
  12. jees.. the point is - ANYONE can be hit by bind foe lvl 1. anything in the entire game. however, there are ALOT of creatures which are resistant to paralysis or sleep. actually, i was quite weak at the time - so i had becca <damn supercharacter> whack on gharzad whilst i spammed bind foe using my other 3 characters on everything else <i also summoned a couple rakshasha and hakaai> basically - if you are fighting a so called "boss" - like athron - then all you need to do is cast bind foe lvl 1 and shes dead you cant use bind for lvl 2-3 to kill her.
  13. ah i remember the days of avernum 2 when bind foe lvl 1 would web and permanently disable one character <like gharzad for example> and then i screamed when i got bind foe level 3 and reverted back to lvl 1 because its just better
  14. i still wanna know how i manage to do riposte an dparry with a giant spear. must be pri tough.
  15. tbh, i prefer the avernum engine. well ok - the geneforge graphics and whatnot im not too worried about. graphics never REALLY bothered me - however things like clicking on the ground to move, no longer being able to type "m-a-a" and being able to do multiple targeting with lightning is slightly stranger. i would like more powerful summons in the next game, and a return of the "avernum feel" - the new graphics are alright really. ive grown to be ok with them.
  16. soul crystals were great! i loved summoning hakaai and rakshasha though it did puzzle me a bit - in A2 when you did arcane summon, you summoned first a vampire, then a demon, then an eyebeast i found that even though eyebeast is lvl 3, it is weakest of the lot :-/
  17. recently i have found that my characters being frozen is really REALLY annoying - esp when my only priest/tank gets frozen and my mages are left to die. is there a way i can counter being frozen?
  18. psh you KNOW you want to cast capture soul on that order mage 1337 times till you capture it.
  19. oh well i guess i see where youre going with the "lost xp" thing. tbh ive never really had ANY exp problems before so.. meh.
  20. psh deamons, guardians and basiliks rule. they are key as distractions - just cast them and let them approach the enemy first
  21. excuse me? since when was summoning ur-basiliks and daemons useless in e3?
  22. yes i AM playing a 4 person party atm.... consisting of one tank, and 2 mages <and one priest> anyways ive found that most summons are ofc.. useless. however, have also found, that shades are extremely useful. in big fights, or "boss fights" - when hasted, blessed, protected etc. <things you should ALWAYS have before boss fights> - they deal on average 40-50 damage per turn each, and double curse - aswell as tank - and are immune to those damn freezing particles that many bosses cast. not only that, greater shades are REALLY strong, and have a HIGH to hit percentage. although they not may seem much - against nicoduas <zomgz impossible battle> - i didnt use a single potion during that battle <cept for a few energy potions - no invuln potions though> - before i got into the "hes about to cast a spell" - i summoned 8 shades <4 of which were greater shades> and then mass haste - bless etc. - through all previous metheods i didnt stand a chance against him, but this time i outright killed him before he even cast his demon spell does anyone else use shades?
  23. lol obviously the gods love my thread and keep bumping it up
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