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Found 5 results

  1. Hello All, I want to start by saying I really appreciate this page as I would have had a worse time without your insights. I played Exile 2 back in the day and I think I did some of the Nethergate demos like 12 years ago but recently discovered Avernum. I played the first three and enjoyed AEtP the most. I got Avadon because of the steam sale and have been plowing through them. The first game was fantastic! I loved the complexity of the decisions, and the politics and being able to use three different characters at once. The story was pretty interesting, and I didn't often feel like I was just wandering around fighting meaningless battles though of course there was some of that. So, imagine my profound annoyance with Redbeard at the end. That fight was super annoying, and not fun at all. As some have said, it wasn't even hard, just long and repetitive. Game wise, it would have been nice to have some indication that the companion quests mattered, because ending up there with Selvin and Janell would be incredibly uncool. But, the worst part is that it ruined the game for me. That fight was so boring and repetitious and effectively an endurance punishment that I don't see myself ever playing it again. And this brings us to Av 2. I was hoping this would be a vigorous continuation of the good elements explored in Av 1 that would redeem the game from that terrible conclusion. But, it wasn't really. The tinkermage is a fun addition even if I liked the companions significantly more in the first game. But the real problem for me was the unbalanced nature of the quests and more so the uncompelling political story line. Some other folks have explored the thinness of the rebellion story line, and I really felt that. It was not clear to me at all that the rebels had the high ground, not thay Avalon itself is the problem. There are clearly self-interested people serving Avadon....our player is one them!. It also seems clear enough that Redbeard is not leading successfully at this point, but the problem seems less institutional and more needing maintenance and diplomacy. A deeper sense of responsibility and even cooperation with the pact nations and the Farlands might be better than actually siding with Dehless..who was also pretty unpersuasive for me. That may be optimistic, but ultimately my sense is I am not persuaded to assassinate the leader on behalf of mysterious enemies who also seem corrupt and/or power hungry. I'm not saying I like his style, but the story doesn't compel me to kill him. And of course he doesn't even stay dead! Ultimately, I come to the end pretty disappointed with the whole endeavor. So that's something. Y'all take care.
  2. I've been playing through the rebel path quite faithfully and when I enter the area with the geneforge, where Litalia is standing, if I get close to the big square pool she's close to at all, I will get the [I assume] loyalist path window where Litalia is going to reluctantly attack me. While if I talk to her without doing that, for example if I talk to her by the door, she is friendly and talks to me as if I'm a faithful rebel ally. Basically if I walk close at all to that big square pool she's next to she becomes hostile and attacks. This is easily solvable in my case by simply loading a save and walking super close to the wall to get to Akhari Blaze. But is this a bug or does she simply not want me to get close to that pool?
  3. Hi all, I'm on my first playthrough of Avadon 1, considering what to do about Shima's quest. The Shadowwalker loot they give is nice for my PC, but I'm not sympathetic to Shima's cause. I wasn't very sympathetic to Natalie either, but the downside of attacking loyal Pact servants looks worse than murdering a drake who'd already opposed us. Which I guess is the point of this storyline. I'm nervous of long-term consequences, especially as I'm planning to play Avadon 2 and 3. On the other hand, I recognise Spiderweb is a small studio and may not be able to have multiple major paths through the main storyline in this game, let alone subsequent ones. I'm aware from various thread titles (and, well, FORESHADOWING) that there's an opportunity to fight Redbeard and keeping Shima happy will lead to him helping out later. I'm interested to know if siding with Shima has any other consequences. So, Does siding with Shima (or not) have broader consequences in Avadon 1? Do the choices I make in this game carry over to the next? Happy Holidays! Buzko
  4. Well I decided to play this while I waited for Version 1.2 of Avernum 3 to come out, judging by the bug/balance reports and Jeff's comments it seems I may avoid some of the problems people have encountered, and I always like to wait a while anyways to read strategies etc. I decided to play a Tinkermage on Hard, and used mostly the Blademaster and Mage for my game play as my party. -I probably should have tried and played other types during my play, as it wasn't till the end I used a few others and enjoyed trying new styles with Shaman, Shadowwalker and a second Tinkermage. -Turrets are a bit underpowered as discussed in the forums compared with a razordisk flinging Tinkermage with high Dexterity and the overpowered Charge Weapons ability. However I liked the level 6+Snare Turret that slows enemies and the Level 6 Blessing Pylon that has a heal-they are quite handy and can serve as a taunt to some enemies. -Blademaster (and melee in general) is disappointing (as discussed in forums), and really the best use of the Blademaster is as a buffer (Battle Frenzy) and a Tank absorbing damage and taunting. Really disappointing as a weapons user. -Mages are a great idea-however 1 HUGE problem is Area of Effect. On hard mode (and rightly so) most of your spells damage your own party beside the mobs. This makes sense to me as a game player, but that difference changes your whole strategy, build priorities etc. The problem is not getting into position really-it's being surrounded by mobs, which happens virtually every fight taking away much of your spell usage. I wound up using single target spells much of the time. -I probably should have rebuiklt my Blademaster and mage I guess to focus on single target and buffs etc while letting the Missile/Ranged people do most of the damage. -I didn't hoard my wands I used them with my Blademaster as he usually was close enough to do area of effects with the least amount of setup. -I SHOULD have really hoarded rejuvenation, healing etc potions for the final battle. I should have had enough to distribute to all my party members in final battle -I SHOULD have distributed my equipment to all NPC's more regularly as they needed the equipment in the end, but I found I was lacking in funds at the end and sold a lot of stuff I shouldn't. -Once vendors were bought out, I didn't ever see them restock, so the potions became rare and precious at the end, I wish I could have crafted some. -I wish I could have replaced runestones on equipment as I used the early ones on good gear and wished I had waited till I found better runestones (the ones that improve stats and evasion etc). Why couldn't hey be removed/replaced? -I had a few battles were I had to go down to normal setting, even though I felt if I had perhaps min/maxed better or used a different party maybe I didn't have to step down. -I wound up cheating twice: For more money and the final battle. -regarding the final battle: Goddam impossible for an idiot like me I guess. I tried on Hard for hours, then tried on Normal and ALMOST made it, and after finishing the game by letting Redbeard win which was a lousy ending, I went back and cheated my way to victory out of sheer exhaustion that I couldn't beat him. A much better ending story. I have read many players having not so much trouble with this and am embarrassed that I couldn't do it. Clones, multiple enemies with 2-3 turns every turn I wound up fighting a battle of how long I could stay healed and with bad armor for some of the NPC's it was a drag. Just too hard for me. Not very satisfying.... -It was the final battle where I had all my loyal Hands that I noticed that other classes were fun to play-too little too late-lesson learned. -I love this game but balancing is an issue for me. Not fun to just play ranged classes to win, and I am bummed that I couldn't finish it. I wish there was a Normal mode with NPC area damage or something like that. MORE THOUGHTS 2/28/18 -Was at the gym and still thinking about the Melee Blademaster-I would just fiorget about adding to Strength as I don't believe I ever landed a killing blow with him even with a strong 2 hander. I would focus on Challenge, Buffs and Battle Frenzy and forget about him doing damage. You just gotta use Ranged weapons -It's too bad that Melee is so weak-I'm also playing Divinity 2 and 2 handers can actually kill things if you add to their strength stat enough -2 Tinkermages with the OP Charge Weapons, a Shadowstalker or Blademaster just for buffing and meat shield and maybe a magic user who is much m,ore effective in Normal mode than Hard mode
  5. Does the remake still have the hidden Easter Egg dungeon? I found the plinth, but didn't find any new option on the Tower of Magi portal.
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