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  1. There aren't many bugs there that are actually worth mentioning. I have never experienced a fatal or dramatic bug in BoA that has changed my gaming experience. Sometimes you find the odd bug, usually for obscure things. But you can usually find a way around it or simply try to read up on it. Chances are you've misinterpreted how the script may work (As I have done many times).
  2. Yes this is a rather short scenario, and yes it's true that time travel will always be a cliche theme. But I think Ephesos did a pretty good job with this one. Time travel is always sketchy, because (of course) it isn't possible in real life. But neither are goblins and wizards, so let's give him a break shall we? It had a very nice flow, the atmosphere was nice, and the dialog was fitting and it was rather witty! As always, Ephesos knew what he was doing and this is what I would call a great scenario. (I don't see anyone else trying to make a time travel scenario. who would dare?) Overall: [rating]BEST[/rating]
  3. There were some nice aspects to this scenario. Aesthetically is was decent. But what was with the random items scattered throughout the house? like cloaks, boots, pots, tools and other objects on bookshelves? Books go on bookshelves. Aesthetics GOOD It could have had some more work, but was sufficient. Plot SUBSTANDARD it was scrappy and reminded me of "Honey, I shrunk the kids" movie. Gameplay AVERAGE The scenario did not flow very well and I spent half the time trying to work out how to do what. Even when I knew what was suppose to be done, it was awkward at times completing simple tasks. Scripting AVERAGE Dialog was poor and had numerous mistakes. You should have gone over it. It also seemed rushed. Overall: [rating]AVERAGE[/rating]
  4. I usually like things that get you thinking. However this just made me roll my eyes. It wasn't very original, unless it was made 50 years ago. For the sake of Scripting BEST. For everything else POOR. I would also like to add that you could have at least cleaned up the teddy bear graphic. Not to mention the profanities were just uncalled for, inappropriate and lowered the professionalism. With perhaps some clever child like views, it could be thoughtful and rather intriguing. Perhaps if some motive and setting were added it would be more appealing. But for now... [rating]POOR[/rating]
  5. Aha! thank you! I've downloaded it and it works! Cheers Ishad Nha!
  6. I could not find Ascript on Niemand's site.
  7. I am a Mac user, can I get Ascript at the same link you gave earlier?
  8. Ishad Nha, what program did you use to do all of that bug testing? it seems very thorough and i'de love to get my hands on something like that.
  9. Hello my fellow Spiderwebbers! My first scenario is finally finished, and it has been uploaded at the following link: keepersofavadon.com/boascenarios/A_Defiant_Land_mac_and_win.zip I hope you enjoy it, all feedback is most welcome!
  10. Oh yes! The huge outdoor blue effect thing. That was caused by some script in Campania city. Because there is a teleporter which you could possibly use, I needed to change the outdoor location as you leave the town. It causes the outdoors to reload as you leave the city. You can find it in state 15, 16 and 17 of t2Campania. it looks somewhat like this: change_outdoor_location(0,2,19,6); If anyone knows how to prevent this, please let me know. Otherwise it's ok, since it isn't a fatal bug.
  11. Thank you Dark-sniper. I've updated the scenario and fixed it. I'll continue adding some more depth to the scenario for it's final release! Thanks for your help! Your images almost serve as a trailer for my scenario XD
  12. Check your junk mail folder. i've sent it twice now.
  13. Brilliant! Absolutely loved it! Short and simple, also aesthetically amazing. I would recommend this scenario most definitely. Aesthetics 10/10 Detailed, thorough and the attention to the minor details made it all that more enjoyable. Gameplay 8/10 Fairly straight forward yet It was not forceful at all. It flowed nicely and the combat was wittingly challenging. It was a bit short however, and the dialog was a bit scrappy. The plot was simple but sufficient. Scripting 10/10 The scripting was flawless. There were no mistakes that i managed to find. All of the customised additions were clean and crisp. Ghosts, swords, the whole lot. It was very appealing. Overall: 9.5/10 [rating]BEST[/rating]
  14. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Short, linear and humerous. With a touch of more work it could be a 10/10 scenario. Aesthetics 8.5/10 outdoors: 8/10 (Nothing special yet sufficient) towns: 8/10 (Simple, straight forward, sufficient) caves: 9/10 (Good use of elevation) creatures: 10/10 (Couldn't have asked for more. Loved the big beasty looking spider at the end. Shame I couldn't fight it) Gameplay 8/10 plot: 9/10 (I thought it was quite clever and fun. it wasn't too much or too little of a plot) fighting: 8/10 (Although combat wasn't important, it was simple, and matched appropriately. You can do it with a level 1 party) dialog: 7/10 (Dialog was adequate. It wasn't special in any way yet it was exactly what was required from such a simple plot) Scripting 9.25/10 encounters: 9/10 (I felt it was cleverly done without making it feel too forceful) cutscenes: 9/10 (Flowed well, no bugs that I could find and very nice transitioning) custom additions: 10/10 (Over and above in my opinion. For such a small scenario there was a lot of extra custom additions, such as the leather greaves. I thought they were a nice touch. The snow feature was quite good also) Overall: 8.75/10 [rating]BEST[/rating]
  15. This is my very first scenario and i'm new to the online BoA community. I'm not overly experienced but i'm very keen to continue making more scenarios. This has been a startup for me and i'm wondering if anyone would be willing to test it out, give me any tips, pointers and report any bugs. I can e-mail it to whoever would like to test it out.
  16. Ah, i hadn't tried copy and paste. Thanks! that worked perfectly. Cheers!
  17. I might also add that I am a mac user. Does that make any difference?
  18. Yes i had tried that. Although it doesn't seem to accept bmp files. Even if i select the folder rather than directly selecting the file. I'm stumped with: 1) how can i make my own sheets? 2) how can I import them to graphic adjuster? furthermore, why wont it accept .bmp files?
  19. Lets be honest, not many people have a mid level Slith party, so i was forced to get some character editor into it just to play this scenario. I must say it was rather engaging at times, at some stages I was tempted just to quit due to some tedious events. I personally wouldn't recommend this as it doesn't maintain the spirit of Blades of Avernum. It's more like a long and badly written movie. Aesthetics 7.25/10 outdoors: 10/10 (Outdoors were terrific. Well made, crafty and appeasing to the eye) towns: 3/10 (Although outdoors were great, the towns were the opposite. Messy and unorganised. The tower with the shades was an abomination) caves: 5/10 (Same as towns, yet slightly better. However they were very bland) creatures: 7/10 (Was excellent! although the rockmaws were a nice touch, but the geneforge graphic was not well suited) Gameplay 5.5/10 plot: 6/10 (I'll be honest I haven't the slightest clue what was going on. I liked the military aspect but the religious stuff was corny. A strange mix of using christian terms with something like humanism? it was poor to say the least. Also the intro credits were rather bland) fighting: 6/10 (I thought the fighting was good and well balanced. But then I came to the rockmaws and had a little bit of a shock. It was unpredictable at times and taught me to save very often. I would also add that in the beginning when you are trying to leave the town it is tediously slow due to all of the animations going on) dialog: 5/10 (This was a downfall. There was no dialog at all, it was all forced through dialog boxes. I did enjoy how a lot of character was given to the companions, although sometimes i wasn't sure if the writer wasn't an english speaker or was just completely misusing words? also the typos were rather rampant) flow: 5/10 (It was hard to follow and extremely forceful. Even when the correct direction wasn't clear you would eventually figure it out by getting yourself either killed or glitched several times) Scripting 7/10 cutscenes: 7/10 (They were all quite well done, however I spotted a hiccup here and there. Not too flashy) custom additions: 7/10 (Almost would have given this 10/10 if it wasn't for those horrid rockmaw. The water effect was quite nice at times, especially in the beginning. It got old after awhile though) Overal: 6.75/10 [rating]AVERAGE[/rating]
  20. I'm rather new to the whole editing scene, but i'm very keen to get my first scenario uploaded. One thing i can't get my head around is the Graphic adjuster. More so the .cmg files. I have the Graphic adjuster but I haven't the slightest clue how to make sheets or import sheets or download graphic sheets. Is anyone out there willing to give me a little tutorial or explanation on how to get it to work? Please be basic with your explanations because i'm not very 'script savy' cheers!
  21. I would agree with most of the reviews. The typos were rampant throughout this scenario, and the bugs and glitches were numerous. However, overall I would recommend playing this scenario as it has some quality aspects. Aesthetics 7.5/10 outdoors: 8/10 (Outdoors were rather bland at times and a little messy) towns: 6/10 (Not particularly ergonomic, mayors/commanders were placed in odd parts of the town) caves: 9/10 (Caves and tunnels were well made. However the goblins hideout was a bit simple) creatures: 7/10 (overall it wasn't too bad. Glowing goblins were nicely done, infernal troopers were not) Gameplay 7.5/10 plot: 9/10 (I enjoyed the plot a fair bit. Occasionally it was rushed) fighting: 8/10 (Nicely balanced for the given levels. Although some outdoor encounters were repetitious) quests: 7/10 (Good quests but not very well articulated) dialog: 7/10 (Expansive and detailed, although rattled with mistakes and inconsistencies) Scripting 6.5/10 special encounters: 6/10 (Too many bugs and typos almost ruined it for me at some stages) cutscenes: 7/10 (Although few, they were alright. They didn't seem to be buggy, but were still lacking) custom additions: 6/10 (Added creatures and such were not scripted well) Overall 7/10 [rating]Good[/rating]
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