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  1. I'm on MacOS 10.15.7 Catalina, I can't run BoA anymore. I vaguely recall being able to do it previously by creating a HFS+ Mount. But that doesn't seem to be working anymore. Whenever I try to open it on the mount where it previously worked it now gives me the message "The developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of macOS. Contact the developer for more information.". I even tried creating an entire partition in HFS+ but that still wont work. It refuses to open. Does anyone know if it's still possible to play BoA on 10.15.+? (And tell us your secrets!)
  2. No I’m not worried about the technical side, setting up SDFs is no trouble. I’m only wondering about avernum’s original story content relating to slavery so that I don’t write a scenario that contradicts the main lore.
  3. I guess when we get some feedback, maybe when a few people have completed the scenario. I've run through it several times myself but woods for the trees and all, hard to see it the same way as others would.
  4. That's a bit out of my league there bud
  5. Oh i see yeah that would work but everyone else who downloads my scenario would also need to do the edit so I probably won’t do that
  6. what do you mean exactly with terrain types? Like replace the wall sheet somehow or do you mean something else?
  7. Ah I didn't think of that. I might try to give that a go making custom terrains. Cheers! Time to dust of the BoA Editor guide!
  8. Ive been wondering this for awhile. Ive clicked through almost every menu and submenu I can find in the editor and searched the forums several times. Is it possible to change the wall sheets for an outdoor location? or even for the scenario as a whole?
  9. Ah yeah I see it now. I was mostly thinking of slave trade in the harshest sense. Buying and selling humans or other humanoids like resources. When I mean slavery I mean the fullest extent of it. I do recall now quite a few of the mentioned examples but they never really struck me as slavery, more like vassals, prisoners or captives. The scenario I had in mind might be fairly confronting now that I think about it. 😕 EDIT: Also I'm astounded at how well you guys can recall the lore behind BoA. Kudos guys, seriously
  10. Yeah I naturally assumed Avernites would be very opposed to slavery as it would be in contradiction with their underdog culture/society against the Empire. I was curious about the Empire though, I guess you answered my question though, I dont recall much of Avernum 2 or that slave colony. The only thing I needed to know was if the Empire had laws explicitly against it, this way I can make a scenario where it makes sense that the Empire has turned a blind eye to it, 'grey area' I suppose. Thanks for that (also pretty incredible memory you have there :D)
  11. I have an ambitious idea for a scenario that would revolve around a slave trade and some pivotal moral decisions ambiguity for the player. However, I cannot recall any reference or lore from any of the Avernum series that would have mentioned or stated any laws or culture the empire or Avernum might have surrounding slavery. Thoughts or feedback anyone?
  12. Thanks Kelandon! I got the graphic adjuster and I think I've done what I'm supposed to for the Windows version. I edited the main post up top with a link to both versions.
  13. Oh that's right. I think I remember there was some sort of external tool for creating the .cmg and .bmp files but I dont think I have it anymore but I'mg guessing they're basically sprite atlases. Does anyone have a link to that? It's been so long I totally forgot about it. EDIT: Ok so I need something called Graphic Adjuster but I can't find any download link. Anyone have any idea where I can grab it?
  14. So I've been working on this on and off for like 6-7 years? I think? I finally have it down to a point where I 'think' i've wrapped up all of the loose ends and multiple endings and I'd like to get some beta tests and feedback if anyone is interested. There is at least 6-7 quite different endings and a few variations on those as well. Once the main plot is tied up proper I'll probably go back over and expand a lot of the misc dialogues and hints. If anyone wants to give it a beta test I'd be honoured! Please let me know! Here is a d/l link just off my dropbox (temporary): EDIT: for Mac and Windows MAC: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nrq2043vwgbl57k/Citadel (Mac).zip?dl=0 WINDOWS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p9st1uhnelldj95/Citadel (Windows).zip?dl=0 I can't remember if there is a difference between Mac or Windows scenario files? But FYI I made this on my Mac.
  15. Perhaps, is there a way to increase the players item lore and another method to remove it? You could add like a hundred item lore and then remove it again the following turn. If that’s possible it could be a cheap and dirty way of getting what you want
  16. yeah there are two things wrong with that set_flag (3,0) == 1; firstly if you are changing a variable you use one equals. for example: if (number == 1) { number = 2; } but as Osnola mentioned above, to change flags you need to use set_flag as a method such as: set_flag(3,0,1);
  17. well If you swap between towns or decide to go back the other way. So when you enter the town you always change the outdoor location to the place you want to exit. then if you go back to the other town it'll change it again to ensure when you exit the town you're currently in it always exits in the correct outdoor location
  18. Ah gees. My brain just completely backflipped when reading these posts earlier. I kept trying the APFS format... Took me a minute to figure out what the HFS+ format is, it's actually the default format Disk Utility was trying to use but I kept changing it to APFS. Derp! I finally got it working! Thanks for that!
  19. I think I understand...? so let me try and clarify this. you have two outdoor sections and two towns. you want to enter one town from the first outdoor section, then inside that town you move to the second town and when you exit the second town you want it to be in the second outdoor section? is that right?
  20. Yeah I tried this it didn’t seem to work. I might try it a few more times in case I did something wrong. I am on 10.13 still. If that doesn’t work I’ll probably move over to my windows to keep making scenarios.
  21. Ah I see! If you go inside your editor to Town > Town Details You'll have a panel. At the bottom right you have 4 sets of coordinates you can enter for the outdoor locations you end up when you exit the town from different directions. That should do what you need
  22. Could you explain how you did this? I have a very brief idea of how to use disk utility but I can't seem to do what you're describing. I tried creating a blank writeable disk image with the APFS format, but how can you get the editor to recognise it and save/load scenarios to it?
  23. In the tool bar where you can create special encounters there is an option to select the exact entrance location for the different directions the player may enter the town. Is this what you mean? It's the icon of the arrow pointing down on a little crenellation.
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