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  1. Alberich

    Any one else like solitaire card games?

    Short answer is, "Yes," because a familiar casual game gives me something to do with my hands if I want to listen to music, an audiobook, or a video lecture, and I played enough Freecell, Spider, and Canfield/Klondike in the past that I'm hardly thinking at all when I play them. (My favorite casual game, Machiavellian Suns, requires a bit more concentration, so I wouldn't try to listen to a lecture while playing it.) Somewhere I've still got a book of 101 solitaire games, from back when I played them with actual cards...I liked "Congress Solitaire" pretty well while listening to LPs (easier to win than "Parliament Solitaire"...you laid out the aces in advance, which I assume represented having a two-party system in place while you played)...wasted youth, maybe, but I liked it.
  2. Yes, conversations do matter, particularly in the Avadon and Geneforge series.
  3. Alberich

    G2 shaper (shapers in general)

    But, yeah, main question is does it work if I only focus on fire shaping with my shaper in all Geneforge games? That's how I played G2 through G5, and yes, it does work, even on torment. I was slightly handicapped because I refused to use canisters and always aligned with non-Rebel factions, so that in G3 and G4 I never got to use drayks (my favorite fire creation) (kshyakks work just fine in combat, but I liked my drayks best). But in G5 I found a trainer for drayks, and I got through all the games just fine anyway. Also, I never really worried about keeping them alive to build XP - at least not for most of the games - I liked to change my mix of critters / use of essence around, and build my shaping skills to make the new ones tougher. May not be the most efficient way to play, but it was fun for me. More dedicated replayers than I ever will be talk up the value of magic shaping and vlish, but to tell you the truth I just don't like looking at vlish. G2 was my second favorite in the series, after G5, so I hope you have a great time with it!
  4. Alberich

    G2: Creation Questions

    The other folk in this thread have done a lot more replays than I ever did, but I always played as a Shaper and always went with the "frequent reabsorption/recreation" route. Part of it was that I didn't want to reload every time a creation got killed...that happened too often. Partly it was because I liked to vary my creation mix according to the enemies I was facing (without spoiling...it's intuitively obvious that some opponents will damage some creations more than others; and I noticed that some will attack certain creations in preference to others, at least in some of the games they will--so you can vary the creation mix to draw fire as well as dish it out). And then there are the essence pools to exploit.
  5. Alberich

    Queen's Wish - Romance

    In my long-ago experience with tabletop roleplaying (and also some more recent play-by-post), I can tell you lots of RPG players liked them (as I did). Most, in fact, of the ones I knew. You didn't need the DM/GM to create something of enormous literary quality either, as the players' imaginations filled in the gaps quite nicely. I haven't played as many CRPGs as a lot of people here, so I can't really speak to what their audiences like.
  6. Alberich

    Queen's Wish - Romance

    Larry was great...and so was Leather Goddesses of Phobos...that said: I'm one of the only people I've seen in the forum who liked the Silke romance, because I thought it did fit in with a theme of the Avadon games. Your companions often had side goals that put their own wishes -- revenge, wealth, local interests, or whatever -- ahead of the mission and loyalty to Avadon or the Pact. The Silke romance gave you a rather extreme chance to put aside the mission for a personal wish, rather than a grander goal. (I didn't pursue it, beyond letting her escape once, because I wasn't playing as someone that selfish; and because I wasn't doing any "betraying" until Av-3 when I felt justified in killing Redbeard.) I did wish he'd given me a chance to spare her after routing out the rebels, and set her up in that little house I paid so much for...I like a chance to do a little deed of kindness aside form the main plot. Since I don't know anything about the new game, I don't know whether a romantic subplot would fit it, but I do like that kind of thing. And if it's not a huge part of the game, well, the problems of two little people don't amount to a hill of beans in the crazy world of a Spiderweb game...
  7. Alberich

    Avadon 3 - Zhethron fight

    Well, as a matter of fact, I did discuss that a little in this thread. The big thing for me was Even with good tactics, I thought he was by far the hardest fight in the game...nothing before or after even came close. And given that he's a god (and an optional fight) I suppose that's how it should be. Yeah, I remember lots of people had ways for beating Golath...but sometimes pure cheapness is its own reward.
  8. Alberich

    Avadon 3 - Zhethron fight

    Glad to be of service! (I had a crazier, and funnier, one for High Lord Golath, but Jeff read the forum and fixed it .)
  9. Alberich

    Avadon 3 - Zhethron fight

    If you do it right, you can use the floor damage against him, while keeping yourself safe. I wrote a little about it here.
  10. Alberich

    ...Okay, but why, though? [G5]

    Thanks! It was an old memory and I had utterly forgotten this.
  11. Alberich

    ...Okay, but why, though? [G5]

    If you've ever read The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, Arthur Dent and the boys meet a cow-like creature bred (or genetically engineered) for exactly this purpose...it wants to be eaten, and it walks up to your table and tells you so. (That, I guess, is TheKian's reference.): (And I suppose the "Help me" might be a reference to the original Vincent Price The Fly.) Another possibility is that they weren't making the smarter Ornk for food, but for some kind of work that it would do better if it had some brains. (If anyone read Robert Don Hughes' "Pelmen the Powershaper" trilogy back in the day...the giant beasts of burden were called Tugoliths, and they'd been gifted with speech and human-child-level intelligence...which made them both useful and extremely dangerous.) Doubly so if the smart ornk you meet isn't itself a shaped creature, but a descendant of one...or didn't come out exactly as intended.
  12. Can't help you on the Nephilim, but I did play torment-- On a mage-priest, I recommend having one who specializes in mage spells. Until/unless you get a lot of swordmage trait, you are sacrificing defense for those mage spells, so you may as well get the best ones. I wouldn't give mage spells to anyone who isn't going to specialize in them; the combination I used was one mage-priest and one priest-archer. I always went for "custom" character types rather than the preset ones...this thread has plenty of advice on what's important.
  13. Alberich

    Endgame Question

    You don't lose the game then....at least not as long as you have completed a certain achievement, to wit:
  14. I didn't, but I approach A3 as a quasi-casual game...something to do with my fingers while I listen to something interesting, so I wasn't in a rush to get past those scenes. (If I were just concentrating on the game, I might well feel differently.) I also appreciate the puzzle aspects as they offer a change-up from the endless fights. The hidden tunnel is not the last of those mirror-puzzle things so you might not want to continue if you find them very annoying.
  15. Alberich

    Endgame Question

    I did the same. I just reloaded my last save and went out without winning...and yes, you can go to at least Day 181 without ending the game automatically.