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  1. Originally Posted By: Øther NEST (Dire Wolf) - 36c, Shield of Warmth (6% Armor, 5% Cold Resistance) - NW (This is in the demo area, in the cultists' lair) I just passed this area on a new game, and this is wrong. The shield of warmth is in a giant lizard nest, and it gives 12% armor, not 6%. Thanks, Øther, I made the change. -S-
  2. Originally Posted By: GIFTCockroach "When know the level (lvl) for the average of party characters to get full experience" What does this mean? Randomizer added this, and I'm not exactly sure either. I believe he means that there is a base level of points that these actions are worth, but how many points you actually get depends on your party level compared to the level the game expects you to be at. I'm going to change that part to something simpler. -S-
  3. They still bother me and haunt my dreams. My apologies for a couple loose ends like this left in the list, but some I left intentionally, just in case someone found a way to get somewhere that we missed. Quite unlikely, but you never know... By the time I'm done with one of these lists and the 3-4 month long beta-testing process that surrounds it, there can be an understandable degree of burnout for me. As soon as I finished A6, I ran off to play SimCity4 for a couple months, and exercise my brain differently. I'm glad people are appreciating the list. I want to emphasize again that
  4. Alorael, don't forget to link the A6 Items list (and map) when you get a chance. Thanks, -S-
  5. You think...or you are sure? Jeff may have changed the value since I noted it. -S-
  6. It gets tricky, and there are likely to be some errors, because Jeff keeps changing values and even some items and coin amounts in locations throughout the testing process. The list goes through heavy revision before the game finally comes out. And I'm entirely sure that it's not quite complete or perfect—but it's close. -S-
  7. Good point. Someone may wish to compile a list of just the more unique and special items seperately. I don't think I'm going to be the one to do it though. I'm spent from making this one. Randomizer or anyone else is welcome to take info from this list and recompile a sublisting. A little bit ironically, my first items list, for A4, was just what you are describing, and no more. This is still called the Items List, but a lot of its value is now geared toward knowing how much will this door take to open, this trap to disarm, this cache to uncover, what quests are available, what is the rew
  8. That's probably because A6 is the single largest game Jeff's made to date. This list will still undergo some formatting tweaking, but I wanted to get the information up ASAP. Huge thanks to Randomizer who is at least as thorough in nitpicky detail as I am. -S-
  9. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ CHAPTER FOUR - OCCUPIED LANDS / MELANCHION’S REALM ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ NORTHERN FEN 1 DOOR (TU 9 or less) - JAR - Bag of Meal (steal) - SW - Sgt. Dalliman’s hideout Giant Diviner (kill) - Energ
  10. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ CHAPTER THREE - THE EASTERN GALLERY ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ EASTERN GALLERY 1 (4? thefts) CABINET - Steel Javelin (6) (steal) - SE - W gatehouse NERON - shop/smithy - CSE —— BUYS / SELLS (Utterly Ri
  11. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ DEMO AREA: CHAPTER ONE - WEST GREAT CAVE continued ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ WEST GREAT CAVE 7 (1 theft - includes DHARMON) CACHE (NL 5) - Spiritual Herbs - NW Healing Herbs - CNW CACHE (NL 7) - E
  12. This list is a collaboration between Synergy and Randomizer to catalog nearly everything useful you can find, use, make, steal, and do in Avernum 6, and what it takes to do so. If you are absolutely certain you have a correction or addition to make, please post, and it will be added to the list. Additions needed include specific Tool Use and Nature Lore amounts where not yet known. Use this map for zone layout. The Synergizer List—It keeps going, and going, and..." Quicklinks: CHAPTER TWO - East Great Cave & The Abyss CHAPTER THREE - The Eastern Gallery CHAPTER FOUR - Occupi
  13. I misread something initially, being very hasty in perusing what the A6 forum has generated so far. My bad, but the Items List also does include items to keep at the beginning of the list, along with AL/NL/TU levels needed, etc., which are also being posted already as individual lists. -S-
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