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  1. Thanks Randomizer. To clarify, I take it daze cannot level up high enough to deal with higher level enemies? but slow does, as well as occupying a powerful enemy casters time? Thanks!
  2. Daze vs Slow, similar spells, so which is better? Can I just use one without need for the other? Thanks
  3. yup, my characters have only about 6 health, but the other skill points I spent on item lore, weapon skills etc, and did not plug them all into strength/dex/int, I am wondering if that is ok? (I did not understand Alcitras' statement about the cookie cutter party in the faq) Maybe he meant not to tailor a party based on the early events of this scenario? So, I guess I am ok then.
  4. Hi, just started Alcritas' series with On a ship to Algiers. Just checking I wasn't supposed to have stacked most of my skill points into health and spell points? I simply prepared a standard party. Finding it tough Thanks
  5. Hey, Thanks for the replies, and all great news! I think I will take those recommendations from both of you, thank you. Secondly, wow, and joy of joys, works in my windows 7 professional 64 bit environment (in compatibility mode). I guess that makes another member in the community. High regards
  6. Hi, I played Blades of Exile way back after getting the demo in macformat magazine. Yet, I still haven't found anything that can replace it. But wow was not expecting 2014 posts. Haven't played in a few years after playing most of the great custom scenarios. Are there any scenarios that compete with the original campaign? I played all the adventurers club etc. btw new to the forum.
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