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  1. BenS

    Can't Quicksave

    I thought this was a Mac issue, as F3 & F4 are dedicated to something already. I actually played through the game 2x w/out ever getting around to asking how I could get the quick save and load features to work. Talk about lazy!
  2. It is not true that you need to complete a plague quest! You just need to go to the surface, wander out a little bit until you get a couple of text pop-ups, and then go back and talk w/ him and he will remove the magic barrier to 2 different pedestals: Move Mountains & Spray Acid. To be fair, at the beginning of the game you won't have either the Arcane Lore to decipher the pedestals or Priest spells high enough to cast MM. But that's a separate issue.
  3. D'oh! 23. Solved. Sadly for me, I'm already 32nd level, and would have been much better off had I had this earlier. It's funny the things you miss, even on a 2nd playthrough.
  4. 13. Got it! 23. There's no way to get to level 3 w/ Capture Soul & Simulacrum, is there? So when the game tells you that you need to cast it at a higher level...that just means the level differential between you and the target needs to be smaller. I think.
  5. I played my 1st game w/ a sword/shield fighter; a Nephil archer; a priest; and a mage. Normal difficulty. Good balanced game, and so I didn't pay attn to the effectiveness overall of melee dmg. In my 2nd game, on Hard, I have an all-human party: sword/shield guy who became a dual-wielder; pole weapon user; archer; priest/mage. I was worried that having only 1 offensive spell caster would gimp me, especially on a more difficult setting. Not so much! Having the 2 front-liners (w/ Backstab of course) side by side, or coming to the rescue if something's threatening the spell caster (good luck hitting my high Dex archer!)...this game has been an absolute blast w/ this set up. So, no, theory-crafting aside, I do not find that physical dmg is underpowered in the slightest. Keep in mind that w/ 1.0.1 Jeff lowered the resistances of enemies to physical dmg, too.
  6. There's a fair amount in the far NW of the world map. The 2nd half of the Remote Cave(rn) as well.
  7. BenS

    Combat balance

    Jeff made physical damage resistance lower as of 1.0.1 I believe, so everything is viable. People will argue what's optimal, but really, as long as you have a balanced party, you should be fine. I would note in your list above that your potential dual wield fighter needs to start out life as a sword & board if s/he wants to actually land a hit...
  8. BenS

    Fine meal?

    To avoid the drake eating all your edibles, drop most all of it at the entrance of his cave; he only needs about 6-10 items to sate his hunger and talk to you meaningfully. I then picked up the rest of the edibles while walking out of his lair.
  9. 20. Got it! Thanks. 13. Still didn't find anywhere new on the 1st level, and now I have to return a 3rd time b/c 1 of the magic barriers on the 2nd floor requires DB 3. Sigh.
  10. 17. He has no quest of his own, and I long ago turned in the Roach-related quests. The text near his name mentions there's a discount for those sporting Anama rings. That must be the difference; currently I'm neither a real nor fake Anama member.
  11. You can also get "back up" on dialogues w/ Anaximander. If you've done quite a lot since last you talked, walk into his office, get all the dialogues, walk out, and then back in. I was surprised to find sometimes there were new dialogue options. Also, did you ask about the previous surface party members? That opens up 4 quests right there... Finally, he does not give you the Orb of Thralni...you get that another way (no spoilers).
  12. 13. I got to that switch in my current game, but I thought that then lead to a 3rd rune. What did that do when I stepped on it?? 15. Is the point of the Wand of Carrunos to use it on a summoned creature to make it tougher? 16. The 1st Dryad Grove on the surface has an island to the NE w/ a Stone Circle. Is anything supposed to happen there? 17. In Bavner, I thought I remembered from the 1st playthrough that Voorn's prices as a trainer went from Exorbitant to Very Reasonable after the Roach plague was solved, but that doesn't seem to have happened in my 2nd game. Am I just mis-remembering that? 18. House on the Hill: you can rest there, but your Energy doesn't replenish. Is that working as intended? 19. I don't know if this is my monitor, but do some of the portraits we get (Vothkaro is a prime example) seem blurry to people? The medals/achievements are the same. Not all of the portraits; Erika's is sharp and clear. 20. Grindstone: it appears from the mini-map (and the hint book map) there is an area in the NE. How do you get there?! 21. Ruined town of Draigoth. As Alien Beasts are found here, was I too late getting here or is this town a goner no matter what? 22. Blackcrag Fortress: Quicksilver Sandals. This appears to be the only item that penalizes (-5%) your Hostile Effect Resistance; or is that a typo and should be +5%? I can test it but it will be a while before I get here in my 2nd game.
  13. There's some decent loot there, fyi. And you don't need the lasers to break the rocks if you already have--and you should by this point in the game--Move Mts 3. The 1st place for loot (and a nice...item to use maybe later...) is in the Center/North. Move Mts to break through. The other nice stuff is off in 2-3 areas in the NE. I didn't get any of that stuff in my 1st game, but made a point to get to it in my 2nd game, and I'm glad I made the effort.
  14. BenS

    Fine meal?

    I don't think the hungry drake takes anything inedible (i.e., cures you of hp dmg). And since bags of meal took only a single slot, I didn't put them in my junk bag. I don't really understand the issue w/ the merchants not taking your bags of meal; unless you have them in your junk bag??