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  1. I don't know the answer to that, but I will say, the switches--except for this particular one--are pretty damn visible in this game. Which is much appreciated!
  2. There is no Xian Chainmail in this version, so...same place I guess; I don't remember the finer details from the earlier version of the game ;-)
  3. By the time I tried it, I had all but one spell increase already, so it definitely wasn't worth it.
  4. Assuming you meant "combined" as I thought you did, split 4-ways, then it's definitely a bug, b/c I have 19 points in all. I'll report it as a bug, thanks.
  5. I'm a little surprised you can complete Find Mundt w/out joining the Anama or getting the ring. When I, much earlier in the game, saw him in his little temple, but got bounced out by magic before I could talk to him, I thought I had made it back to the quest-giver to satisfy it. But I don't believe it was satisfied until I actually spoke w/ him, so maybe I missed a 3rd way to enter that shrine area he's in.
  6. Besides nebulous bragging rights, what benefit is it to get your Rep into the low 70's?
  7. I cannot catch these green buggers for the life of me, and I have 19 accumulated points of Nature Lore in the party! The hint book said you needed "8", and even if that was a typo and supposed to be "18", it's not working. Unless--god forbid--a single PC needs a total of 8 (shudder) Nature Lore?
  8. Are you referring to the "Find Mundt" quest? That was 1 of the reasons I got the rings, so I could clear that quest off and then enter the 2nd level of the temple. Just the Extremely Cheap prices up there for some nice items makes it all worthwhile. Nothing in the vault worth the consequences, IMO.
  9. Are these "special item" rings, or rings that displace what each PC has on their fingers already? Isn't there a peaceful way to leave the Anama after you join? I don't need to loot their treasury and piss them all off; but I would like to access areas currently closed off to me.
  10. 4. On the small island of Kneece, there is a stone circle where I believe there is supposed to be an opponent to fight. But nothing shows up. Do I need a quest to meet said opponent? 5. On Lost Isle (Remote Isles), I think I missed out on a quest opportunity w/ Captain Brooks b/c I had a *gasp* Nephil in my party. Can anyone confirm that, and if so, what was the quest/reward?
  11. Ok, thank you both. I will try the bartender avenue to talk to Irvine; never thought about it. As for the ghost, that's going to be a bit annoying having to track different days and returning there in hopes of it appearing, but so be it. Hopefully it spawns often. Yes, the wand I got much earlier, but it sounds like I need to use the trusty "u" key in the Muck Pit to find something I'm missing. B/c I'm pretty sure I already looked there otherwise when I first got there. Which is why I was confused when the text box hinted at something there.
  12. 1) I can't seem to get Irvine to deal w/ me in Shayder. Since doing a quest for him opens up some nice little subsequent paths re: the Anama, I'm hoping someone can point out what I'm missing or doing wrong. 2) I bought a certain property in Lorelei, but even though my surly housekeeper noted I have a "guest", I cannot find said guest, no matter how many times I've looked in every nook and cranny. I even spent the night and looked again. Nada. Subsequent visits to my new home did involve an interesting fight against "rats", though. Any ideas? 3) This is an early game issue, but it's bothering me still. In Shayder, down in the sewers, there's a Muck Pit or something like that. I cannot find anything there even though the game is hinting that I should be able to when I enter it. Not sure whether I need a certain Luck score (or perhaps collective Luck total among the 4 PCs), and if so, what it is. I had thought I needed a high Nature Lore, but even at 16 (I know, too many points!), I don't find anything there. So that's why I now think it's Luck-based. Can someone confirm what I need here? Thanks in advance.
  13. Watch out for shady characters. You'll get the joke soon I hope ;-)
  14. I always struggle w/ the puzzles, which is 1 reason I buy the hint books. A combination of flipping back and forth between the floor map (w/ keyed locations and objects) and the written description of what to do finally got me through these 2 areas.