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  1. Well I wasn't really trying to conflate min-maxxing with that post nor really complain about min maxing right there, but show the kind of negative argument that I think can be offputting. You also keep attributing me as bashing obsessive min-maxxers. That's not really what I said; I said that you don't need to do it in order to complete the game (which, at the time, I was talking about Xulima). As far as the link I posted, it was the first negative review that came up in my search, so I used it. He was complaining about how the skill system is "broken" so I thought it close enough. Mi
  2. While it may not be the case here, something I've noticed a lot of is that people have a hard time reviewing negative aspects or pointing out things that are not good, useful, etc, without going into major bash mode. It's fine to give critique or point out what isn't good, but at least in the Steam forums, there are a lot of bratty folks out there. And, at least that's what I imagined Edgwyn was talking about when I decided to agree. I don't mind simply reading about what doesn't work. On the other hand, stuff like this EFTP review is major offputting.
  3. Yeah, I tend to speak a little hyperbolically sometimes, and I suppose that was a great many pronouns. I would have to agree with this. I hate to keep running back to Xulima as an example (but I just finished playing through it twice) but there, the mages can eventually learn a spell called "magical light" that has basically the same effect as a torch, and I read a few statements in the forums about how investing in that skill was just a total waste of resources because, hello, buy a torch. And that was more offputting than the posts that were saying "we can't stress enough how po
  4. Well I'm talking about the same thing that you referenced - - people act like they're being told what they have to exactly do with their skills, even though they're not being told that.
  5. Yeah, I prefer the heavy weapons approach myself, but fighting groups even with a good bows skill or whatever, was tedious compared to the power of casting spells. For what it's worth I never get mad that someone is "telling me how to play" but it's the internet, and those kind of arguments tend to happen under even the most innocent of circumstances. And maybe that's part of what Jeff means: the internet can ruin anything. And it's not like Jeff personally came to the forum and said "Let me tell you, if you didn't put a point into lockpicking when you got to level 13, you're just the stup
  6. Well I guess it's always a two-edged sword. I will typically read hints and character guides before I start out on this sort of RPG because, why not? And I can appreciate the work that people have already usually done in figuring out the benefits of different stats for different characters. At the same time, at least for me, there's a certain amount of stress involved in making sure I've built my character properly... checking and rechecking guides. So I have nothing against people who like to min-max, but I don't personally worry as much about it (because when I do, I get stressed out!)
  7. I was thinking about something else Jeff touched on in the interview - this quote here: I recently got through playing Lords of Xulima, and while the fighting is done via battle screen, final fantasy-esque type combat, and the story wasn't as richly fleshed out, it otherwise had some reminiscence to some Spiderweb games. I enjoyed the game, the exploration, etc, immensely, even if it did feel a little grindy in spots. Now, one of the odd things I'm seeing with that game, is on the forums people will talk about the best way to level up and allocate stats, and pumping up character spe
  8. I just spent the time reading Jeff's interview. I've been seeing a lot of websites with that general design style lately - design taking up the whole window in big blocks (for lack of better term) - it's not my favorite aesthetic, but I thought it wasn't too bad. Until I went to the main website. I can usually live with design choices that aren't my cuppa, but it was borderline hard to read. But, like Jeff, "I'm old." If they insist on their aesthetic, a directory to make their content a little more discoverable would be appreciated. But enough about that. It's fascinating the way vid
  9. The fabrics are made of skribbane fiber. Skemp they call it. Also useful for oils and pain relievers.
  10. Voted for Exile. Nothing is ever quite like your first time. But, the new releases are vast improvements.
  11. I went to school for biochemistry and now I'm in a dietetics programme. Once I have my licensure I'll be working toward a med program in endocrinology. You can say I have a deep interest in a couple controversial topics - that is, a mother's prenatal food intake / nutrition and its consequence on hormone levels and foetal development, as well as nutrition of infants and very young children and its related consequences; as pertains to developmental disorders in particular. Paleo-like diets (not strict paleo "if caveman didn't have it you can't" - that's a bit nonsense) tend to hit on all
  12. I've been attempting to be Paleo for a handful of years now with varying success, and one of my biggest weaknesses has always been Chinese-American Takeout. A couple weeks ago I read a piece on IQS about Tamari (link: https://iquitsugar.c...i-or-soy-sauce/ ) and it got me thinking - can I conjure up an easy to make substitute for General Tso's that won't knock my diet off track? I did a little digging around online searching for "paleo General Tso" and other similar queries until I came across this recipe ( http://www.delicious...l-tsos-chicken/ ) upon which I loosely based this experimen
  13. Thanks - added Darkest Dungeon to the ol' wishlist! Too bad it hasn't a demo version but it's sure to get my money sooner or later.
  14. Yes, I did those in the 90s. Exile 3: Ruined World is what hooked me into Spiderweb all those years ago - I might even like the Avernum series better than the Geneforge series.
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