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  1. Well now that we're discussing the entire textile industry, what do they use to dye their clothes? They're awfully colourful, especially the mages.
  2. We see several pillows throughout the games, even some beds that look like they have mattresses, but there are no birds in Avernum to get feathers from and they can't grow cotton or straw. So what do they use for stuffing?
  3. Looks like you can get into the Empire Territory, but probbably shouldn't. http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/21477-a2cs-possible-to-retake-the-abyss-from-the-empire/
  4. I think the boxes are supposed to be the explosives that go off when you push the button. The sign next to them says "emergency portal access", I think this is supposed to be how the Avernum army would retake the Portal Fortress if it were to fall into enemy hands. Not anything to do with your story, just a way of showing how important the portal is to Avernum.
  5. Magic numbers for the first two areas. A * means the town is destroyed. SLIMES Krizsan (11, 26, 56) Delan (41, 61, 66, 71) Delis (61*) Silvar (41, 61, 71, 81*) Inn of Blades (101) ROACHES Shayder (51, 71, 106) Hectar (71, 86, 106*) Bavner (76) Kuper (91, 106) Port Townsend (76, 86, 96, 106)
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