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  1. Try an email at support@spiderwebsoftware.com, but it might take a while for a human to get back to you.
  2. Considering how old it is … all it takes is a little tweak by Apple to mess it up.
  3. I think I saw the same In GF2 in the second zone with Shanti. but I haven't the energy to search for the topic where Slarty discussed it.
  4. Regeneration Aura at the time you get it usually balances out damage you take most rounds. Later in the game it isn't as useful. Jeff was in his transition period of eliminating multiple buff that make expert players too powerful.
  5. From playing missile guardians in GF1, 2, and 3 I know that there are a limited number of decent missile weapons so you have to plan your transition to save the better ones for when you really need them. That's why in a GF5 zone where Jeff had the PC move down a defined path to avoid reaper thorn bushes, Delicious Vlish took them out for ammo.
  6. Daze didn't become an area effect until GF3, when it made mental magic overwhelming early in a game. It finally allowed for crowd control that wasn't there in the earlier games. Before that it was charm to make an enemy creation take damage instead of you. Fighter classes get dumped on because they are mostly single target attackers that need strong defenses to withstand a swarm. I saw it beta testing GF5 that some zones were easier for single target range attacks and some were easier for melee attacks. But all are easier for magic.
  7. You need to talk to Trupo in the northwest in the third tower for information on disarming the mines by using the crate near the north end of the southeast area. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. We are having a recycling drive. :)
  8. I think I left off the meat because it can be found in a nearby zone.
  9. Well some of the game mechanics of Exile came from D&D from the to hit system. The hard part is always game balance so it doesn't favor a class or the party becomes too powerful too quickly.
  10. Weekends are usually the worst time for replies.
  11. Zagat is also the name of a restaurant guide. Alexander Calder is an American sculptor known for creating the mobile. "To an engineer, good enough means perfect. With an artist, there's no such thing as perfect."
  12. Most ordering is human supervised so delays can occur. Email is your best approach since they usually don't look at the forums.
  13. Go through your character's inventory. He's carrying an item that's causing it. When you get high enough level it doesn't bother you as much.
  14. Geneforge 1 remake is supposed to be in a few years according to a tweet from Jeff.
  15. You meet her another time in the next zone to the south with Zypherine when she flees down the trapdoor. If you missed seeing her in the south part of the Wretches zone then she won't appear in the other zone and there is no trapdoor. Just check all the south entrances in the Wretches zone first. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. It helps to understand the scripts that control your game life.