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Geneforge Trilogy presale question

Drayk Shade

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First of all sorry if this isn't the right forum.


I am thinking about buying the Geneforge Trilogy and have some questions.



Is it DRM-free (or does it have restrictions and controlling software built in)


Is it available on CD and if so can we get a key to play it before the CD arrives?


Can the CD get here before Christmas?


If it has a code can we use it more than once and on more than one computer?


Do we pay for shipping and if so how much does it cost (not with the hint books)



ohh and one more question (not just about the Geneforge Trilogy bundle)


If we buy a game for windows (or mac) can we get the other version free? Or do we have to rebuy it. For example if I bought Geneforge 5 could I get the windows version free when it comes out? Or if I buy the Geneforge Trilogy can I get it for mac free?

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It should have no restrictions built in other than if you take download form you have to enter the key that gets sent to register the copy on your computer.


It comes on a CD and the key is part of the game so it installs fully registered for play.


No idea on shipping, but if you order now it should come within a week or two depending where you live and how overloaded delivery systems are.


Each game has a code and Jeff allows you to install it on more than one computer. He isn't Microsoft. smile


There should be a shipping cost listed on the ordering form from the website.

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If you get the CD, you can install both Mac and Windows versions of the games on as many computers as you own. The only downside is having to pay for shipping.


If you order the registration codes without a physical CD, you'll get codes that will work only with the registration number of copies of the games that you've already installed. Install new games on new computers and they'll have different registration numbers and require new codes. Fortunately, Spiderweb is nice enough to provide codes for re-registering if you get a new computer or have multiple computers, or if you want to install on Windows and Mac.


—Alorael, who thinks that ordering now should get you the CD in time for Christmas if you live in the USA. If you don't, shipping will take longer, and you might want to ask Spiderweb. It's possible that they could ship faster if you're willing to pay for it.

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If you tell him your registration codes when you place the order, he'll email the keys to you, usually the next business day. That way you don't have to wait for your CD to arrive to play the full game. The CD contains the latest versions of both the Windows and Mac versions, plus demos for all Spidweb's other games.

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