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A5: Game starts to black screen


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Re: Avernum 5


I have just downloaded the game for the third time and am still having the following problem.


After accepting the licensing agreement and choosing a resolution (it doesn't seem to matter which I choose) the start screen shows up black. I can hear the music and sounds as I move the invisible cursor around but that's it..


I've been looking through the forums and not found anything similar. I am running OX 10.4.11 on a PowerBook with the PowerPC CPU and have the required resolution.. so I don't think it's the Leopard/graphics thing I did read about.


Any thoughts???





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Well, people sometimes get a black screen when they buy the demo and somehow go beyond the area where the demo ends . . . Not that that necessarily has anything to do with anything, but the way these topics are set up means that if nobody responds to something, it's harder to notice that a new topic was even added and people tend to ignore it (and I have a feeling only a couple people will know enough to respond to this.)

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